Author ID check and Rejection

Will they approve my Item even if I haven’t submitted the ID check? Rejections here are traumatizing. You can imagine all the preparations from Preview Image, Image Preview, Thumbnails, HTML description etc. Reviewers should be kind, at least tell us what to correct. Not “you can’t resubmit this again” :frowning:

Edit: see below

Author ID check is required for envato market Author who have at least one approved item in envato market. you don’t have any approved item. so, you are not required to Author ID verification now. if your item meet the quality standard then definitely your item will get approve.

if you have approved items but unlisted because Author ID check not completed then you should complete Author ID check.

your item don’t meet the quality standard and you got hard rejected.

  • Unfortunately, Envato Quality and Help Teams are not able to provide feedback/critique or advice for Hard Rejected items.


Thanks a lot for your kind response.