Author fee ?

Ok every month my $29 cut different fees and from that amount I got only $8 and some cents and in this month it happens twice why ? So I am earning from $29 item only $8

You need to fill out a W8 form. It will eliminate withholding tax (you’ll see what you’re being taxed on the statement page in orange) on your non-US sales, and reduce it on your US sales. The form can be filled in in the tax information section of your settings.

Thanks for your response how can I find my tax id ?

Yes and how could I fill that W8 form while I don’t have a tax ID in my country?

Your local tax office should be able to tell you.

Here’s what I found online…

  • A TIN is issued by the Egypt Tax Authority to every taxpayer in accordance with section VAT Act.

  • All Individuals who are employed or involved in any type of income producing activity where income tax, VAT or other taxes are due must have a TIN.

If you speak to your local tax office they should be able to sort you out with a TIN.

Ok if I provide them my tax for Pakistan will they refund me taxes they cut ?

No. Taxes are based on the information provided at the time. No tax info, then you get taxed the appropriate rate. Tax info then you also get taxed the appropriate rate… but that doesn’t alter the period when your tax info was different.

However, you’ll get documentation at the end of the year showing how much tax you’ve paid, and you may be able to offset that against whatever taxes you owe in Pakistan.