Author Driven Pricing discussion


So what is better for U? Rising prices?


Over the past few days, the value of 600 +50 -50 tracks was set (it was 850 approximately). I understand the rest migrated to the price tag of 6$. :joy:


The rest of us can use “Selfrespect” as tag then. :wink:


Exactly! It will be necessary to add it to the general tag list for the music! :wink:


One really nice aspect of ADP is that we can charge a higher price on tracks where we collaborate with others…and if the music is niche enough then shouldn’t take a sales hit from the higher cost etc…


Also, once prices have settled…Music Packs will be more useful…giving highly linked themed packs for small discounts rather than the previous blanket 50% off which frankly made me just lump poor sellers together.


…and again…being able to be flexible in your marketing, offering limited discounts on tracks etc…all good. I’m warming to the whole system…because of the way AJ sets us a base fee it means that prices shouldn’t plummet across the board but spread out more instead…time will tell but might not be a bad thing :slight_smile:


For me, definitely rising prices. :slight_smile:

Except maybe for too common/over-saturated items, but I might as well delete those from my portfolio at some point.

I will experiment with different prices for the rest of the year, but half of my portfolio is already at double or triple the initial value. For some of my items, I went with bigger multiple too. Those tags are not set in stone at the moment, but I have a good feeling about ADP and rising prices of (my) items. :slight_smile:


Well said!


Quick check after a few hours with half of my portfolio set to some higher prices:

  • I sold more modified items (pricier tags) than untouched ones.

Granted, I only have a few hours of statistics to decipher, but it doesn’t seem like the increase have any observable impact (in my case) on the number of moving items (for now).

Same sales rhythm as before, but more::moneybag: :sunglasses:


I slowed down uploading new sound effects to AJ for awhile because I am able to make sooo much more on other markets. With this change I’m interested to see if it will be more worth the effort…

I’ve started by re-assessing the value of many of my $1 items raising them to $2 or $3. I’ll report in end of week with how it pans out.


Do you guys have any ideas about price strategy? Like maybe putting some items at a lower price as kind of a discount. Not sure how it would work practically but curious to know if anyone have tried this.


Been making a few sales with updated prices (moved everything to $29 for now) and gotta say it feels gooood :slight_smile:


I was wondering how this affects a non-exclusive account?

As an exclusive author, if my item price is $23, I lose $4 buyer fee, and 21.25% author fee, leaving me $14.96.

How do these rates differ now for non-exclusive?


thanks for the reply - that’s quite a drop, not sure if i’d want to risk it!


Just reporting in. I raised my prices for everything to $29. I’m getting less sales but more money. I actually just sold an ident for $29 just 20 minutes ago.

Subjectively, getting paid more per item makes me feel more appreciated and valued as an author and has renewed my desire to write high quality music. Before ADP I used to ask myself while writing tracks ‘Is this good enough to pass review?’ Now every time i write a track I ask myself whether or not I’d pay $29 bucks for it.


Guys help ! Can’t decide which price would be better for tracks that are longer than 2 minutes $20.000.00 or $20.000.99






The madness has migrated to the sound effects category… Now, you can buy some tea cup sounds for 100$. Hahaha! :rofl: