Author-Driven Pricing Coming to VideoHive

  1. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. But if it was $53 before, and it then went to $49, and you’ve put it back to $53… then buyers will just pay the same as they did before ADP. $53 then, $53 now… no change.

  2. The VAT is based on the total list price, so if you increase the price then the VAT goes up, decrease it and it goes down. If the price was $53 and it went down to $49… then anyone buying it at that price would have paid slightly less VAT.

Buyers still pay the same VAT, I guess what got you confused is that now, the item price is higher and the buyer fee is lower than before. So, vat paid on the item price is higher (that is what you see), but vat on buyer fee is lower accordingly.

If the list price is the same as before, vat will be the same as well.

i thought author driven pricing is going to ruin the marketplace but i have seen the different scenario now .instead of lowering the price people has raised their price .good keep your head high


This is my 1st project upload with the new pricing scheme… Purchase price of $20… and I will see about $12 of that is just wrong. Correct me here if my numbers are wrong… Uber takes 20%… (which many argue is exploitative) Ebay roughly 12%, Airbnb 3% host + 12% guest…
Etsy 3.5% + 20cents listing fee. Envato with this new pricing scheme… (40% if I want to remain competitive, & actually higher than it should be priced) Their buyer fee is too high (imho)… especially on a lower priced project. Buyers won’t be happy with this as well. This scale system has never sat easy with me, and I see this as another kick in the crotch.

So you were happy with 50% when you first started, but now you’re not happy with 40%? Sure, it’s less than 30%, but you’re now in control of how much you make per sale, and to an extent, what percentage you get per sale.

Yes, a higher price may influence sales figures… but if you’re reducing your prices from the automatic increase when ADP was released (which you must be if you’re only getting 40%), how would that make buyers unhappy?

Where did I say I was happy with 50%? Stick with the issue. Any reasonable person knows that its not decent…& if anyone had asked me what was their cut, it was always met with a “wow, they’re ripping you off”. But we accept it because its is still a way of making an extra little $. We all work extremely hard for our sales, holding down several jobs with families to feed. Slowly climbing the percent scale… over many years… & then this kick in the crotch.
If we were one unified voice do you think this would be the balance… of course not.
and to quote you “how would that make buyers unhappy” well let me think hard on that one… yes your right buyers love spending more money on items.

You compare Envato with services that sell (or rent) real goods, that you can touch, but we produce digital goods. Google Play and App Store takes 30%, other markets (competitors of Envato) also takes from 30 to 50%.
So if you don’t like those fees your are absolutely free to create your own site. But reality is that it’s harder and much more expensive to bring audience to your site, than just pay those fees.

So your argument is that everyone does it so its fare?

It was your argument that other services has less fees, isn’t it? I just said that your comparison is not right.

My argument (it’s not actually an argument, it’s a fact) that we pay those fees because it’s much cheaper and more easy, than the creation of own site and building own audience.

Yes, I acknowledge your point that a comparison to Etsy or Uber or Ebay for instance isn’t quite right because of cost of materials that are factored in. For us it is a relatively minimal cost of computer and wifi. Good point. However it still doesn’t satisfy my question of a fare and balanced payout. Would not the management still make a decent profit and have a viable business model in charging us only 10 to 20%… or less?

I am an artist as well who sells art in a gallery. The now standard rate is 50% that goes to the dealer. Around 60 years ago, it was 33% (as noted in the diary of a pop artist of the time) Depending on the laziness of your dealer this is a sore point for many artists. But the average dealer might represent from 20 to 50 artists… Envato has how many in comparison?. Just by this volume, surely our rates should improve?

I can buy food and pay all bills for 4 times less money than I earn now. But what the life would it be? Furthermore if I would know that buyers can pay more money for my projects, I would definitely increase my prices. The same thing with Envato, they do, because they can.

You need to become clever and known artist. Only after that dealers, services and galleries will reduce their fee special for you.
You can’t create something like labor union among author, because we all are competitors.

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ahh thats it… they do it because they can. :slight_smile:

Well they can take a 100% fee and they can take a 0% fee… or anything between the two. After increasing the amount that authors get three times… I’m assuming they thought the current rates represent something of a sweet spot. Also keep in mind that you can earn 12.5% of the list price if you choose to, and you can also earn 87.5% of the list price if you choose to.

Why do you earn 40%? You do so because you can… and you do.

We all do that when we run business. There is nothing bad to do what you can. It’s not a charity.

Charity??? Spare me your capitalism 101. anyone with a grade one level math and ethics knows its bull. Its about knowing your value in a transaction and fighting for that. Its about pulling your own weight. Rewards received for work done. And to answer that other nonsense coming from space boy, no I don’t think its right that someone signing on tomorrow should get a lesser value from their project than I do. It should be judged on the merit of their project regardless of 1 or 10 years put in. Spare me your simplicity. I am fully aware of this concept of choice when I signed on to sell my projects. I know the rules, I choose to play the game, but unlike you I don’t feel a need to act as a cheerleader. So with all do respect take your little pom poms and preach to a different audience.


So you think editing your short answer to completely different “speech” after 2 days is a smart way to prove your point of view? OK.

?? It is always, wise to not react in anger… go for a walk. Think it
over then respond.
Strange we seem at odds, yet I am arguing for a better value for your work.

Anger? :rofl:
I just want to say that it’s very rude to edit your post after conversation. Especially when the last words is “…take your little pom poms and preach to a different audience.”

:joy: No you not. I can set any price for my work. And you know what? I can do it myself without your help. :scream:

It’s my last respond. Bye!

:slight_smile: I’m sorry… was it the reference to “little”? “Take your BIG pom poms” hows that. As for the edit? yes, I took out… “So its that simple, thanks I know your position” ok now its back in.

Hi guys! Can anybody checking my new prices? Are these average?