Author-Driven Pricing Coming to VideoHive

You have no idea what you talking about. Price mentality is big in envato market. If people wouldnt care then they would hire designer and animators. They dont. They come to vh to save. Also usualy they have tight budget. So lets say a buyer has budget of 50usd. He deposits 50usd. Week ago he could buy 3 logo reveals for his projects. Now he only will buy 2. And guess which logo reveal he will not buy ? YOURS.

Thats how this market works. Its not about the price of the item its about the budget of the buyer. He will simply buy less items.

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I don’t want even start conversation about huge difference between freelancers prices, and prices for an items here. It’s stupid. Everybody know that the difference is soooooooooooooooooo huge… I’m talking that 12$ or 20$ is not so huge difference, just few bucks.

Brilliant logic! If customer need 3 logos, he WILL BUY 3 logos, because this market provides the cheapest prices (12$ or 20$ there is not a difference).
But according to your “smart” logic, if logos have cheap price, customer will buy 5 logos (no matter that he needs only 3). Super stupid decision as for me.

UPD: You can’t produce more sales with lower prices. People buy only what they need.

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No he wount. I have been here for 7 years. I know how studios work. Most of the buyers are small studios where producer simply gives the budget. Also they have optional need for most of it - meaning if they see good price they will add it to the project as a nice extra coolness.

Are you serious :confused: If they want to hire a freelance to do a logo reveal , then they will pay 500-1000 dollars just for logo, and the price depends on the efforts.


So what? He only ask a question about new prices. That is all. Of course, such increase brings attention.
Do you want to see my experience?

Go to my portfolio and see this item and the price for it. I don’t think that if I had lower price for this item I would get more sales.

But of course, I understand that we need more time for better statistic.

I more than doubled my prices and today is the best day of the year (still 25% of the day left).


Why does it show zero items in your portfolio?

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I like to separate forum discussions from my business. Just my personal choice.


Like Batman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope the prices will not go down much to make more sales.
authors in countries that do not have good economic conditions will reduce prices very much.
prices must be fixed. :frowning:

I usually just go by Bruce.


This is a very slippery moment. Raising the price of simple things, do not forget that Envato created Elements. Customers will go there if you set too high prices for simple projects. Too low price for a large and high-quality project is bad. Too high price for a small and simple project is bad as well. We need a balance and an adequate assessment of our work.

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You have a point, Clarity emerges only couple of months after the launch of Envato Elements

Can you say if you are offering Stock Footage, Motion Graphics or Project Files?

Might be of interest for your statistic report.

Sure: Stock Footage.

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What is happening now with author fee? Before the changes I received 14.56$ from each 28$. Now 13$ from each 26$. Author fee schedule no longer works?

The Author fee % means the % envato takes so if you reduce that % from 100% you get your % . But that % it’s only from the price of 30$ in this case , not from the all price of 33$.

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The author fees are the same, but they have changed the buyer fee (that comes before the author fee). Your total % depends on what price you set.

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@StrokeVorkz I agree. There are many factors that can have an impact. Let’s see how and where it will go.

Dumb question :

I have a template that was 53$ before ADP, it was automatically set by Envato at 49$ after ADP.
I just came back to the original 53$ price and I win 4$ more than before ADP (lucky me), am I right saying it doesn’t change anything for buyers to keep the same price before and after ADP … ?

I also noticed that keeping the same price than before (53$) raises the VAT for customers that pay it, not much but 1$ for french people at 20%VAT.