Author-Driven Pricing Coming to VideoHive

Yes, of course. Correct. Perhaps I compare two totally different worlds. In general prices are as they are. Some change to up wont affect any one, I guess. All by the clear decision. I was pretty happy with prices as they were, because sales were OK. In general if prices are ‘normal’ sales are lower income is OK. Vice a versa to lower prices where sales are in higher volume. It is like to invent a hot water, or so? :wink:

Just checked few invoices; buyers are also big companies … who gets for a piece of change HD, 4K. It is not everything so simple …

But let us leave that aside. :wink:

Naturally, there is a sweet spot.

The only way to find out is to change the prices and wait. Try doubling, and if the number of sales stays at 50% or more = win.

The large number of sales here makes it fairly easy to assess the effect within a week or two. I have already sold at a much higher price.

Either way, staying at $8 will mean a pay cut, since the “buyer fee” is now $3 instead of $1.60.

We don’t know if going from $8 to $16 means that YouTubers won’t buy the clips. Going all the way up to $49 is another story, as we’re now in competitor territory. $16 is still far below (64%) minimum at the biggest competitor. I just picked $16 as an example, could be $14, or $20, or $25, who knows…

There is also the simple fact that not every buyer knows of, or cares about, every site there is to buy footage from. The unique thing about the Envato environment is that a big number of music/AFX/theme/graphics buyers almost automatically end up at VideoHive and are presented with footage. And they already have credits to spend.


Hello. If I want to change the price for 1000 clips, how to do it in auto mode?


The million dollar question!

Unfortunately, I think you have to set your brain to auto and start clicking… :slight_smile:

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It will take me a week. Then I want to return prices back, and again a week.

I did about 150 clips yesterday in less than 30 minutes.

Not the best way, but you can do it in a day…

Some stock footage authors have a lot of files (top seller on videohive has over 15000 videos). Are they really expected to change the prices of their videos one by one?

@jamesgiroux Is there any tool to batch change the price of items?

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2018 - the year logo reveals died :))) well… now logo projects are in total disaster. How can you pay 20 Usd… for a logo reveal… but changing price will make it absolutely not worth to create any more logo projects.

People will not stop to buy logos, if they need them.
I have several sales of logos today, even with my new prices.

UPD: So many authors have a mindset, that only cheap prices win. Guys, respect your work!


Aaaaaand it has started… good job envato.

"Some stock footage authors have a lot of files (top seller on videohive has over 15000 videos). Are they really expected to change the prices of their videos one by one?

@jamesgiroux Is there any tool to batch change the price of items?"

^ This is a MUST. We can’t be expected to maintain portfolio’s without a bulk editor, preferably one with some filtering abilities.


When authors from Envato finally got freedom to set any price… most of them complained and wanted in jail back.

I just noticed some are selling 1080p footage for $4 - with a $3 buyer fee, then envato’s cut, is the seller even making anything on that!? Surely there should be a bottom tier price that is reasonable.

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And the funny part that when you choose the extended license you can get it just for 42 dollars, he forgot to change the extended price also :smiley:

It’s called marketing. He didn’t forget. :slight_smile:


You’re kidding right, :thinking: what is the marketing in that, he just changed the price of regular license to very high price and left the extended as it is :joy: this is the aliens marketing methods

He is on the top of the search. It’s like to be on popular page. Even if buyers don’t see that extended price, they any way visit his portfolio. He gain page views, page views influence on search.


I’ll let you think about it for another hour or so.


So now envato will earn more and we will earn less. Because obviously we need to lower the prices. Its stupid for client to pay 20usd for a logo reveal.

At least they couldve done separate logo and other category fees. Now the balance is so off In favor of envato.

I agree with you, that fix fee for logos is high.
But why do we obviously need to lower the prices? Maybe better to give items for free! We will not earn anything, and Envato too! It’s “win-win” situation.

20 usd for logo is not very much at all. Don’t you see that? Who care how much cost slideshow or video display, if he need logo.
Customer don’t think like that: “Okay, I’m here to buy a logo. But they cost very much in comparison with video displays. So I will not buy any logo (even if I need it), I better will take this video display because it’s cheap!” Where is a logic here?!

Be smart people, if huge crowd start to lower the prices this market be closed during a year or so. Nobody will win.

I’m shocked that many Elite authors, thinking only about lower prices. You build jail inside your heads. Hope the smartest just don’t waste time in forum’s disputes.