Author-Driven Pricing Coming to VideoHive

Today we’re announcing that author-driven pricing is coming to VideoHive early in the new year (2018).

Why Are We Doing This?

Over the last few years we have been empowering authors to make the most important decisions about their businesses. We’ve done this because we believe that the ability for authors to set their own prices will lead to higher quality content on Envato Market, give authors power to respond to market conditions, and provide flexibility for authors to choose how they grow.

We’ve now launched author-driven pricing on five out of Envato’s seven marketplaces. Since we first launched author-driven pricing, we’ve seen more and more authors experimenting with pricing, tailoring pricing to their work, and achieving the results they are after.

What do Authors need to know?

When the changes go live, authors will be able to enter item prices for all available license types for their item(s) into the price text box on the upload page, or on the edit item page.

Price recommendations will be shown alongside the item price field as a guide only. Once you’ve submitted your edits, the price change will take effect immediately. Read more about how to price your items and how promotions work in an author-driven pricing marketplace.

As you may already know, author-driven pricing categories use a fixed buyer fee. We’ll be publishing the new fixed buyer fees for VideoHive closer to the introduction of author-driven pricing next year in the Envato Market Help Center. We’ll update this thread to let everyone know when they’re ready.

Important Information About Pricing Discussions

As authors prepare for this change, it’s important to note that there are strict laws governing pricing conduct. In particular, it’s strictly prohibited to have an agreement, arrangement or understanding between competing businesses (such as two authors) about what price point to sell at. How to price your work is a commercial decision you will need to make for yourself. Read more about setting prices responsibly.

Next Steps

We’ll post follow ups to this thread once we’ve published the fixed buyer fees and author-driven pricing is officially turned on for authors on VideoHive. With author-driven pricing available for VideoHive authors, we’ll begin preparing for the launch of author-driven pricing on AudioJungle.

Over the coming week, we’ll be around to answer any general questions you might have (using the daily batch reply approach we’ve taken in the past). Please help us out by keeping the discussion on track, checking first to see if your question has already been answered and avoiding any discussion on the specifics of how you’re pricing your item or what you think item prices should be (posts of this nature will be deleted immediately).


awesome news! :slight_smile:

Audiojungle is next? And when?

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Later than early in the new year. If they haven’t got a firm date for VidoHive, it’s unlikely they’ll have one for Audiojungle.

What positive aspects of this decision do you expect?



Hi! Keep the minimum price within the existing limits and everything will be fine👌🏻 In the opposite case, there will be a dumping of unprecedented scale, capable of ruining the market⛔️⛔️⛔️


I agree with this.
I think that in the markets the price should not be lower, and the change can be in one direction, only the higher the price than the standard one.


Good news, but what will be with your events, like black friday, cyber monday, etc? Because these days the authors will reduce prices, just to keep the competition of their files.

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Goodbye envato…:sweat:


The market will drive out all the more demanding authors. There will only be guys from poorer countries who have the opportunity to put lower prices for their product.

P.S.Why do we need these experiments, that it worked badly?


Seems good news, If the current prices stay as minimum allowed. If you render some really advanced and heavy to render animation, for example, and you could set a bit higher price than 1 minute render particle backdrop, it is going to be more flexible pricing and attractive to create complicated items. Hope its made for that.


leave the lower threshold as is! And forward to the success of Envato…


otherwise, the dumping prices will lead to a rapid loss of interest among the authors


Oh, it’s interesting how this will affect the market, and how will it affect the authors?

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There should be max and low caps. If not then its going to be a very big imbalance by authors residential country and local economy. Envato will loose many great authors who will be pushed out by authors accepting cents for projects.


okay… I will make price for every item (music track) 1$…
thats not good I think(
Envato must control lowest price for music/video/etc


I think Reviewer must set up lower price for item - this decision will remove all the negative consequences and will not give dumping the place to be


On a music track, the likely buyers fee will be $3 to $4, so the minimum price would be $4 to $5.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This change is about moving away from Envato determining what authors charge for their items. As we’ve said in the initial announcement, the goal is to give this lever back to authors so that they can determine what makes sense for their items and the goals they have for their business.

Envato will not be setting minimum item prices or maximum item prices. The Fixed Buyer Fee will be added on top of whatever item price an author sets. This is what makes up the list price (what a customer sees) for an author’s VideoHive items.

When Envato runs a promotion, it usually is accompanied by a larger investment of resources into marketing. The increase in traffic creates an opportunity for many authors to present their items to more potential customers.

If authors choose to discount their items at the same time as a promotion, even if they aren’t part of the official promotion, they can see a positive impact to their sales and earnings as a result.

There is no guarantee that this will happen but with the Cyber Monday campaign just run, you can see how some items that didn’t participate in the campaign but ran their own promotional pricing campaign saw an uptick in sales performance.

This freedom to set prices independently and capitalize on opportunities like Cyber Monday is one of the reasons why we’re moving toward author-driven pricing for all marketplaces. It puts control back in the hands of authors.

This question has been expressed internally as well as by authors as we’ve launched author-driven pricing on other marketplaces. It is true that there are some authors with more price flexibility than others due to their location and business overhead. However, customers tend to look for more than just the price of an item as they evaluate which one they will choose.

Raising or lowering a price is one way to draw potential customers to your item page but the quality of the item, the support, and other indicators (like customer ratings and reviews) also play an important role in helping a customer make a final decision.