Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Brilliant news! Thanks for the update


Oh personally I did not really care… The problem was not really about my name being wrong, it was more about not receiving this mail earlier, and learning about all this in the forums…


Does anyone know if there’s a way to either batch change prices on items, or even globally change prices?


it seems to me that this is a bad idea,:confounded: :worried: :cry: :sob: :rage:: the price on AJ were optimal, it was possible to give authors the opportunity to remove the type of license, for example, sell only on the expanded licenses,
and give buyers the opportunity to make a request for a reduction in the price
the author will receive a request from the buyer that he wants to buy the goods at a reduced price,and the author agrees to make a discount , that’s how it would be perfect :hugs:


Being able to disable the standard license would be great actually. Almost like creating a premium section within audiojungle just to cater to advertising and film that need a bit more exclusivity.


Well now you kinda can do that. You could put the standard license at the same price as the broadcast license.



It’s going to be interesting to see the strategies that will come up with this change, even if during a slow month.


Author Driven Pricing was announced back in 2015. Yes, it was just GraphicRiver at the time, but it was no secret that this was going to be rolled out to every marketplace at some point. So although you’re entitle to your opinion, and I can understand why people might not like this move… you are a bit ‘late to the party’ as it were, if you’re only piping up about it now.

As for taking ‘no risk’, that’s not entirely accurate. They take less risk than they did when the buyers fee was a percentage, but they still lose out if everyone drops their prices considerably. On the other hand, they also have less reward if an author decides to increase their prices.

How many sales in a year? Let’s go with a crazy rough estimate of 1,000,000 and everyone is on a ‘50%’ rate.

Everyone prices their tracks at $20: Envato makes $10m a year.

Everyone prices their tracks at $5: Envato makes $4.275m a year.

So there is definitely some risk involved!

I mean it was a sensible move on their part, making it a fixed buyers fee. Otherwise their profits could drop by 90% overnight and they’d be out of business in no time… nobody wants that!


Everyone who loudly screams “great news” is very much mistaken! This will greatly worsen the lives of the authors. There will be much more competition. But if you compare this innovation with a subscription - it’s better to have low wild prices than subscription. But all this is very sad (((


no worries, subscription is coming soon :wink:


I would not even be surprised at this)))


It’s not a joke unfortunately. It has been announced that Elements will include music in the near future.


May I ask what Elements is? I’m not quite familiar with this and subscriptions too.


wow ! good news :smile:


Envato left its percentage of the sale fixed - so in the red is just the author. )))


Did you read my post? Their percentage of the sale isn’t fixed… part of the sale gets them a fixed amount no matter the price of the item. The other part of the sale gives them a percentage which is influenced based on the item price. So although the fixed buyer’s fee does reduce their risk when it comes to reduced prices, it also reduces their reward on increased prices… and they most definitely make more money when prices are raised and less money when prices are reduced.


Most likely you misread my post. Envato will not risk on a global scale - their income will not decrease due to increased sales at low prices. But every concrete author can suffer from this. This must be clearly understood!


Well if Envato don’t miss out due to increased sales at a low price… surely authors don’t miss out from increased sales at a low price as well?


you confuse the concepts of total average income and individual income of authors. In the near future you will feel it on yourself. Good luck !!!


No worries Max, he doesn’t care who is right or wrong. He’ll just type anything just to gain attention and keep the moderators badge. I’ve stopped reading his posts a long time ago.