Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



I see. I think I’ll be increasing the price only on my best selling items and see what the results are.


We don’t know about minimal…we can’t say for the future of Audiojungle, but in Themeforest prices dramatically decreased in a quick race to the bottom, especially for new items. And this are not just words in the air, if you take a look at the top 3 sellers of new items (wordpress added in the last month) you’ll see that prices are WAY LOWER than wordpress prices before ADP. The prices are:

1- $29
2- $19
3- $32

If you wanna go further, of the top ten of that search ONLY 2 themes are priced $59 (the original price) and NONE of those are higher. Out of the first 30, only 1 is priced higher.

But that’s only one parameter, the new items best sellers, but how about only new items, we’ll, let’s look:
Last 30 Wordpress Themes added:

ONLY 1 priced higher than $59 ($69)
5 priced $59
9 priced $49
the other 15 all ranging from $44 to $19

You can say they are minimal, but the reality shows otherwise…


Well, the reality only shows otherwise depending on what your definition of price dumping is!


Did anybody else receive an email from `James at Envato’ announcing ADP today, and find it was addressed to an author name that is not your own?




Yep! Haha




Yapp hmm:neutral_face:


Well, I think that’s right. Thanks!!!


On a positive note, I can finally stop trying to desperately get my 1:55 track over the 2:00 mark so it can sell for $4 extra :slight_smile:


Yep :slight_smile:


Excellent) Let’s pump the pricing skill)


I’m pretty sceptical about these changes. One of the reasons why I am selling on Audiojungle was the given prices by the system. This allows sellers to focus on their products. Now it is getting more and more about pricing skills, marketing methods and quick changes between the items.


Dear @Sarah_G , is it possible to have the fields for the pricing be automatically filled with pre-ADP prices initially? That would take the pain out of having to fill 5 more fields.


yes, I am “postblue” in this email :slight_smile:As long as they don’t do similar mistakes for payments I am ok… :slight_smile:


this is what i said earlier: for me it is really a game changer… and it seems that, at least in my genre (hiphop), tracks are usually 1:30 , and trying to extend them to 2:00 was time consuming, trying to add effects, variations, 2nd sections, bridges…


It’s hard for me to say what the result will be for me personally. But I hope that the team of Envato will make wise decision :slight_smile: I wish you inspiration and good luck!


ooh … I thought it would be the case… :frowning:
So as if the audiojungle upload was not already a time consuming task, you now have to enter manually, each time, the prices? You can’t re-use the same values as another track, or use a template… I still can’t believe I have to copy paste my “Composer” name each time… I have one account, I am the same composer, and this field is left blank for each new item I upload…


Yes, that’s my fault. I tried to do a mail merge and clearly failed. Apologies everyone.


So Audiojungle takes no risk as it still makes it’s money through it’s fixed buyer fee, but honest authors now have to compete for leftovers with people who will quite happily sell work and most likely someone else’s works at an absolute minimum? This feels like an opportunistic move by Envato, the company seems to care more about profit than about the people the business is built on. I’m concerned about the future of my work on this site.