Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Nobody has got the old 50 to 70% for several years. Non-exclusive authors get 45% of the item price, and exclusive authors get from 62.5% of the item price, up to 87.5% of the item price. The item price being the list price (shown on the item page), minus the buyer’s fee.

The point of having an exclusive account is still the same as it was before… a higher rate of commission than non-exclusive authors, that increases slightly every time you sell an additional $3,750 worth of content.


Hi Everyone,

As you may know, during the launch of Author Driven Pricing, we discovered an issue incorporating the new $0 fixed buyer fee for Sound Effects. As a result of this, we had to roll back Author Pricing for sound effects only.

Today, we wanted to let you know that the $0 fixed buyer fee for the Sound Effects Category has now been implemented. Please see this article on the Author Help Center for more information.



Great news for sound effect artists! Way to go Envato!!!


This is great news for buyers =0
And for us !
And for Donald Trump :joy:


ah, I got my first sale after ADP. Well, it was just a logo, but I am happy as I priced the logo $19 (meaning $10 for me), whereas logos were around $9 before ADP!


Let’s see how things turn out after a while. I am still sceptical but so far my experience is also positive.


Got positive outcome with 1mln license since ADP is present.


$19 or $20 is already ridiculously cheap for a license compared to other libraries.
Already seeing a ton of authors who think $5 - effectively getting less than $1 per sale - is an acceptable price.

Now, you will be forced to sell your music for pennies if you want to stay competitive.

That’s it AJ. Good bye.


Tons? 737 tracks; in a library containing 435 462 tracks. :wink:

But this number includes 15 seconds loops, 30 seconds shorties, 1 minute stuff, etc. So, around 600 full tracks at 5$ tags since days now.

The 5$ phenomena is not gaining much traction since day 1 of ADP (biggest number of them I have seen was around 850 tracks).

In contrast, take note of the rapidly growing number of authors pricing their works at 22$, 24$, 25$, 29$, 33$, 39$, 49$, 59$… :slight_smile:

A quick look at the popular music list also reveal these numbers:

  • 0 tracks at 5$

  • 10 tracks between 15$ and 18$

  • 31 tracks at 20$

  • 16 tracks from 22$ to 29$

What the future holds, no one knows, but for now, the 5$ trend is pretty minimal. Do you have some factual indications on which you base your feeling that such a trend could cause problems soon? Maybe I missed something somewhere?


@Sarah_G , Hi! You can see that there are 497 items with extra low price ($5 for 2:00 and higher length items)


Pretty marginal considering the library contains 435 462 music items, no? :slight_smile:


You’re right, that is a positive thing. Good point.

Well, the danger is the fact that most customers value their money more than the production quality unfortunately.
If they have two tracks to chose from in a similar style, one is priced around $5 or $10 and the other is $20 or $25, they 99% of the time will chose the cheaper one.
A general customer doesn’t care if the composer used a live drum kit, took the time to mic up a beautiful grand piano or hired a bunch of musicians… If the cheaper track will get the job done they’ll go for that one.
Then how can we as composers justify to invest all this time and money on a track?

But like you said, we will see what the future holds. Maybe this ‘cheap’ path won’t gain traction.
I guess we as authors will decide when we price our items. I am trying to hover around $20 for all my tracks, unless they are really short and don’t have any additional versions; then I knock off a dollar or two.

But the positive thing is now at least I can choose to price it higher if I think it has the production value. I’m liking that :smile:


I’ve raised my prices to $29 across the board and have increased in sales and revenue. The $5 tracks are not a threat to me. People who pay to license music have money to license music.


I have had 2 tracks with 0 sales (9 and 3 months old), that have gotten their first sales after doubling and tripling the price. Could be coincidence of course, but at least one of the tracks is easier to spot when you search price high-low.

What I dont understand is authors who price their track 1000000 $ only to show up in search, it would make more sense to price their tracks to something thats still high and visible but also be able to sell it. Pricing ALL your tracks 5$ or unrealistically high is also cluttering the search engine, and probably a not so popular experience for the customers.

Other than that I´m super happy about the possibilities ADP brings to the table, it feels really good to have reached my average revenue, even though sales have been very slow this month :slight_smile:


I am so happy to say i was wrong about the whole ADP deal when it was introduced.
I also thought it was going to be a race to the bottom, but that did not happen thankfully.
Sure i see a few hundred 5 dollar tracks, but that is due to length or quality mostly.
If you respect your own work, the customer will as well… and if the customer sees a track go for 5 dollar and are serious about the music they need for their next project, they will look for higher tier tracks instead of the bottom tier tracks.

5 dollar tracks no longer worry me at all. Quality wins over quantity now with ADP and i feel so much better to see my tracks get licensed for 29 dollar. I might even go up with the prices.

So in short for me personally, so far so good. I have allmost doubled my income this month compared to last month (with still a week to go) and this will be a great month on average!


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