Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Why you can not change prices for SFX? I do not sell music at all (but I think some sounds are undervalued)


@volkovsound: Envato had a problem while implementing ADP for sound effects (I saw the price edit section for a few minutes, but then, it disappeared completely). They are supposed to work on it and said that they will update this thread when a fix is ready. :slight_smile:

I sure hope the fix will happen soon (or that Envato won’t change their mind about implementing ADP for sfx!), because I also have many on offer here. Hope they won’t forget about sound makers!


Thank you very much for your answer!

  • I would ask Envato create more differentiated licenses for sounds (design sounds, artistic sounds), because their production is no less complex than the creation of music (modern computers are very easy to write music). What do you think about it?


@volkovsound: The few SFX license choices don’t bother me much personally, but I really hope Envato will extend Author-Driven-Prices to sound effects too, because I feel that being able to raise the prices of specific items would help us a lot!

As it is, I feel that most clients needing a sound, are certainly ok to pay 1$ for it (no brainer deal!), but I’m pretty sure that raising the bar by a few dollars (let’s say, for more complex or unique sounds), wouldn’t deter most clients to buy those sounds. So in the end, we would have good chances to make more profit.

Good luck to you (and if you come across other news concerning ADP for sfx, please post your finding here).




to record a sound is one thing, to create a complex sound composition, with very complex and current processing is another … this is a different level of skill and talent … but, the prices for sounds are now formal, and most often depend on the time of sounding, or quantity …
How to convey to the leadership of Enwato, that artistic sound should cost more?
After all, we have solid buyers, these are major producers of media content, computer games, etc. For them, and for their budgets, 1 or 10 dollars is almost the same. But, they are happy to buy a “multi-user” for designer sounds. (but for this, basically, it gives moral satisfaction :slightly_smiling_face:)


There’s no need to convey anything to the leadership of Envato, as Author Driven pricing has been implemented on AudioJungle… so if you feel artists sounds should cost more, then you have the ability to price artistic sounds higher. Yes, there’s an issue with ADP on SFX, but they’re working on it.


At the moment I can not influence the price in any way. This is not possible (the price is set by the reviewer). If it becomes possible for the authors of the sounds to set the price on their own, then, of course, I will change prices for some products immediately …


Well you will be able to soon.


thanks for the answer!


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Thanks for your question @MumuMedia and apologies for the delay. Once we introduce ADP to a Marketplace, we must ensure that the decision to set a particular price is the Author’s own, so we need to be careful how we present these features. What Authors should see is the current item price.

Are you seeing something different to this? Can you please explain a little more about why the ‘pre-ADP’ prices and how this would take out the pain?


I think he’s on about uploading new items… all the fields will be blank.


Hi @Sarah_G, thank you for responding. The pre-ADP prices refers to the purchase price tiers given when the item is reviewed. Example, pre-ADP in music tracks are either $15 for a track or $19 for a longer track.

I suggest moving forward:

  1. In the short term, to have the fields initially automatically populated with a standard price. The standard purchase price now seems to be $20 per track. So for example, when trying to upload a new music track, the price fields can be pre-filled with $16, $31, $61, $122, $244 for each of the licenses. The benefits are:

    • Saves time not having to fill in 5 empty fields if we had intended to keep the price at $20. This does not conflict with ADP because by choosing not to alter the field, we are agreeing to those prices. We do not expect audiojungle to alter the price for us when reviewing the item. Just accept it as if we filled it in ourselves.

    • It doesn’t cost us any more time or effort if we wanted to change the price anyway. Because we would still have to manually enter the numbers into each field.

    • Takes away the aggravating task of calculating the purchase price. By having an initial item price and purchase price to reference, we do not have to keep calculate the item price to set just to get it to be at a specific purchase price.

  2. Which brings me to the next suggestion, can we set the Purchase Price instead of the Item Price please? Because the Purchase Price is what buyers see and is what we would consider. Instead of having to beat around the bush reverse calculating the Purchase Price, it would be better to have that as the parameter to change.

  3. In the future, I think user preset prices would be great. To have the option of setting up different price presets, save it and have it auto-fill the 5-fields when I select that preset. It could be in the form of a drop down menu with an option to define a new price preset. For myself, I now price my orchestral works higher because it takes more effort, and keep my corporate tracks at the standard $20 price. Having the option to have my own presets to auto-fill and then tweak as I like would be really handy. This would save time and effort as I won’t have to keep referring to price tables / lists that I have written down.

Those are my suggestions, and to explain how this would take out the pain (in addition to the benefits stated above), I can only talk about my upload experience. Making music is consumes a lot of mental and emotional energy, the last thing I want to do after finishing up a track is to spend time repetitively filling out forms and doing price calculations. Especially when those fields can be pre-filled / autofilled with presets such as price. In fact there are other fields that should also be auto filled such as mentioned by @frozenjazz, (Link to his comment: Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle)

I still can’t believe I have to copy paste my “Composer” name each time… I have one account, I am the same composer, and this field is left blank for each new item I upload…

I enjoy making music and anything that takes me away from it annoys me. I hope this answers your questions. And hopefully the suggestions are useful.

Thank you. :smile:


Then what about envato author fee schedule? If I choose ADP, doesn’t it affect to me?


ADP is not for you to choose or not. It is here. The author fee schedule is still applied. Only the buyer fee is now a fixed amount.


Ah, I see. Thank you! :slight_smile: @PurpleFogSound


I know it’s too early but so far I’m really happy with ADP and it’s probably the best move after the introduction of Broadcast tiers.

Now it makes more sense spending time and money on producing high quality tracks and I think the overall quality of the market will benefit from this. :+1:


0 sales after ADP coming. Weird.


Explain to me why I stopped getting 52% of my sales? What are the new rules? What’s the point of having an exclusive account?