Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates as yet, we are still working through the issue. As soon as we have more information, we will update the thread. Thanks @Nonzerobot.


Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:
I’ll check back this thread often. I’m eager to try this new system. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your question @PaulGraves. As mentioned before - as you may know alongside the author’s Item Price, Envato charges customers a Buyer Fee. As part of ADP, the old percentage based Buyer Fees have now moved to a new Fixed Buyer Fee system. With these changes to the Buyer Fee, you may have noticed that the List Price (aka total Purchase Price) that customers see may have increased or decreased as a result. The new Fixed Buyer Fees can be seen here.

Please note that these fee changes do not impact the Item Price that you - as an Author, set at your sole discretion, and therefore your item’s earnings per sale remain the same here as well. (Note: For technical reasons where the previous Item Price was non-integer, it was rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount.)

Your Author Fee also remains the same here (37.5% for starting Exclusive authors). You can see how Author Fees work here.

Keep in mind that for Music Packs, while historically before ADP were a way of offering a discounted bundle of Music items (vs. the individual Music items alone), now with ADP Authors have complete independence in setting the Item Price for each and any of their AudioJungle items as you wish, including setting your own promotional discounts and sales.


Thanks for the answer, Sarah!


Now the percent of non exclusive earnings have to increase :slight_smile:


Hi @Sarah_G ! Another small question. :blush:

How many times a day can the author can change the price of the track? Can frequent price changes shifts harm the buyer with a certain budget, especially if he will download the preview to do his video project for a week or more, and then when he comes to find another price for the track and this price will not suit him? I’m talking about the fact that everyone can change prices every half hour on their tracks.

For example, the buyer downloaded the preview today (the price of the track today is $ 5) and tomorrow he came to buy this one, because he made his video project along with this track, but he sees the price at $ 49 on the same track. Will you enter a limit for frequent price changes?


Thanks for your question @CleanMagicAudio. There are no limits on the frequency of price changes - Authors can change them as many times as they like. However, there are timing-related guidelines when running promotional prices to be aware of and follow. Please see this article here for more information on how this works.


Thank you Sarah! More than understandable.Have a nice day!


Hello, fellow authors. I have 10 or so instrumental pieces in my portfolio. I would guess that twice that many compositions have been rejected. I’m about to submit a new piece, but have no expectation that it will be accepted. I am very impressed with the quality of the tracks hosted by the site. I honestly have no idea at what price to offer my work. They are tuneful instrumentals approriate as background for visual material. I have no idea what “corporate” means, but sure, I’ll tag my pieces as “corporate” if that will help sell them. What troubles me, though, is that I have read nothing in the forum which gives me any valuable guidance. Maybe that’s just the nature of “art,” but I am totally in the dark as I compose, record, and mix, with regard to what might sell, and having to set a price for each piece will add another layer of uncertainty. I would prefer to leave it to AudioJungle, frankly. Given their dominance in the marketplace and all the amazing algorithms they should have developed by now from their profits, AudioJungle should be able to perfectly optimize pricing. Am I wrong?


Hey Drop-D,

I think a lot of people are probably feeling that way right now. It’s another business variable to think about when you just want to make music lol. My advice would be to check out some portfolio’s and see what others are doing. One thing that I firmly believe is: length of track should not dictate price on AJ. I would just think of a price that you think is acceptable and compare it some others on the marketplace and go from there. GL


You have a very unique sound, with a signature guitar sound and actual performances.

You shouldn’t try to join the corporate “bandwagon”, your music has nothing to do with this. It seems you have found your niche, so you shouldn’t aim at getting large volume of sales anyway.

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Thank you, JC-Underscore.


Much appreciated, PurpleFogSound.


Hey I have noticed a weirdness/bug:
When I go to my portfolio and I choose to order my items from the highest price it simply doesn’t work. It looks like it’s showing the tracks considering the old prices, while at the same time showing the current prices.
I don’t think it’s a cache issue since I’ve edited my prices since day 1 of ADP.

Any of you guys have this issue?


Same thing here.


Yes, same here!


I just experienced the same disappointment after selling a music pack. I received just $10 and the item is listed for $28. So far I am not liking this fixed buyer fee…


@Soundflower You can always increase your prices, so as not to lose revenue from the sale.I can say one thing now is advantageous to make packs from 5 tracks and higher. I already counted it. The amount will not fall, and a fixed fee will (in the direction of the author) . The question is whether anyone needs packs of 5 tracks or more (no more than 10 tracks).

Good luck to you ! :wink:


I really do not appreciate being publicly accused of price fixing @BenLeong !!! This is absolutely not what that was, your comment is ridiculous!


People - even those employed by Envato itself it appears - do not seem to understand what “price-fixing” is and is not.

In fact, given the fundamental, inherent differences between pieces of music (clones and duplicates notwithstanding, or course), price-fixing as such is only possible when the competing items are similar in almost every respect, and the end-price is agreed upon in secret by two or more competitors.

Audiojungle prices are a matter of public record.

Audiojungle items are (hopefully, for the most part, unscrupulous authors notwithstanding) unique.

The raw Elements (pun intended) necessary for price-fixing just aren’t there.