Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Haha, a prophet of doom, maybe? :wink:

I also think that there will be many 5$ dollars tracks in the future (mostly in the corporate/template genres) and that those will clutter the already messy search engine, but most serious authors will probably raise their prices (which is already happening). Time will tell anyway, so let’s wait a bit more to see if our respective prophecies contain some truth. :slight_smile:


Great words! Let’s drink !!!


Here’s a cold one for you: :beer: :sunglasses:


Hi @Sarah_G, @jamesgiroux

I know there is some problems preventing the activation of ADP for the sound effect category, but do you have any information about when (or if) it will be fixed? Thank you. :slight_smile:


Well…this pricing lark has dragged me back to the forums to comment for the first time in ages…

Interesting time for sure. My approach has been to lower the price of all short intros and such…

Otherwise…with only a few exceptions (for tracks that have been relatively poor sellers or not perhaps as long etc) I have raised nearly all my prices by a little bit.

I can’t see the point in racing to the bottom. I’ll always lose with so many authors to challenge and in the process de-value my music and kill the small amount of money I already make here.

I did consider doing some super bargains and some ridiculously high prices to grab attention in the search engine but although it might work it might look a bit unprofessional as well so I haven’t yet.

I’ll be keeping a beady eye on what happens for sure though. Hopefully this will push prices up without losing customers :slight_smile:


To be honest, I don’t like the “suggested price” part… I see some very positive changes in pricing, and the market will eventually balance itself and make the new “standard prices”. No need to suggest anything, there are a lot of authors who follow this because they think this is the way prices should be set. I’m not totally against it, but the current suggested price range seems too narrow and it doesn’t reflect what’s happening with prices so far.


I’m frightened about how much easier it will be for people to manipulate the popular files page. We already know how compromised the popular files are, with people conspiring to purchase their own and their friends tracks (particularly in the early stages to get that first chart presence). Now all somebody has to do is lower an item to $5 and it will cost only a quarter as much money for the scam to work, and then once the track is established they can raise the price again, or use the high selling cheap track as an entry point to grow their customer base and direct them to the rest of the portfolio.


Cool idea, thanks!:joy:


Haha, I know it wasn’t BlueSkyAudio’s intention, but his post reminds me a bit of the steps in a “How to” tutorial…:sweat_smile:


I REALLY hope you guys are joking. Anyway I hope that Envato scrutinise the buying activity in the popular files list with a microscope so that some integrity can hopefully survive.


Yes, I was joking. :slight_smile:
Your post reminded me a bit of a “How to” in its wording, but you are right on the fact that some people will try all sort of tactics to trick their way in this new system. I already witness some questionable moves here and there, so…


Of course it is a joke. In fact, i hope Envato would find the way to eliminate possibilities for dirty tricks like that (as well as many others, you know).


It’s really not that easy to maintain your item on the list. Even if somebody tried to manipulate the list it will be just burning money for a long time and surely Envato will be suspicious.

This method will work if you have at least hundreds friends or different credit cards. But in the end the buyers choose whether the item will keep selling or not.


Thanks for raising this with us @PaulGraves. The issue of portfolio saturation in the library is an ongoing battle and ensuring the integrity of the marketplace is key priority. We are currently looking into technical measures to prevent suspicious behaviors and other forms of fraud. This, combined with tougher restrictions on infringing accounts will assist in creating a better marketplace for both authors and customers.

As always, please reach out to us in a support ticket to report any unscrupulous behavior, we look into all the matters reported to us.


Thanks for your question @CleanMagicAudio. Our research is based on the needs and behaviors of buyers in the audio space where the overall experience of choosing an item (including search attributes, previews and item presentation etc.) has shown to play an integral role in their decision to purchase an item. We conduct our UX research to actively monitor these behaviors and ensure a clear understanding of any trends evolving over time, both for the shorter and longer term on all ADP markets.

In that sense, price can definitely play a role for certain buyers, but it is certainly not representative of universal behaviors and we have seen this in our other markets with ADP implemented already.


Thanks for your question @JC-Underscore Please note that pricing does not affect or influence a reviewer’s approvals/rejections. Authors are able to set the item price at their sole discretion. Please see this article for more information on how ADP pricing your works.


Thanks for sharing your concerns with us @PurpleFogSound. Unfortunately, we are unable to announce specific launch dates for announcements just in case there are changes to the timeline, beyond our control. We understand your concerns and please know, it is never our intention to sneak up or alienate our author community - so for that, we apologize.

With ADP implemented on six out of our seven marketplaces already, our intention was to introduce ADP as soon as it was available to ensure it was launched in a timely manner with the subject already in discussion, and allow for a more smooth and efficient transition.


As we’ve seen with our other ADP Marketplaces, this has not impacted buyers in terms of the experience or sales. Buyers will be browsing and purchasing as per normal, the only difference will be to the pricing that authors set at their own discretion.


Thank you for reply. Funny thing - this day after i posted this question turned to be best day in sales during last few weeks!


@Sarah_G I wonder if placing the tracks price to an insane value to get visibility is OK for audiojungle…


In Epic

Hello! I present My new track – “In Epic”! Beautiful, powerful, epical and inspirational trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games…

Price: $200,000 USD

200.000 $


Powerful Dubstep Intro

Dubstep Logo (Powerful Dubstep) is powerful dubstep logotype with wobble, aggressive and angry bass. Modern and power dubstep sound for your media project as: party opener, commercial logotype, TV…

Price: $1,000,000 USD

1.000.000 $

Thanks for raising your concerns @bosone and we understand that this is a pain point for authors. As a marketplace, we are actively monitoring for this conduct and have a strict policy against misleading/overpricing behavior. It is specifically outlined in our article which states that authors may not price an item too high or too low with no intention of making a sale at that price.

Likewise, it is against the law to price your item at an amount other than that which you actually intend to sell your item. This means that “overpricing” an item (for example at $1,000,000) like the item you’ve provided above, only to then lower your price temporarily in response to a sales inquiry from a customer - is not allowed.

This conduct is considered by law to be misleading or deceptive and places authors at risk. This is the case for any pricing practice (both overly high or low) where it is clear the author has no real intention of selling the item at that price.

As authors, if you see this conduct in the marketplace, there is a process for reporting this behaviour in our Pricing Guidelines. These guidelines outline what you can do as authors to help support other authors to do the right thing, as well as the actions Envato will make as a result of this investigation. Please submit a support ticket if you would like to report this conduct or need assistance related to this.