Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



Not at all. If Envato’s income stays the same or goes up, then on average, total average author’s income will stay the same or go up. Of course not every author’s earnings will stay the same or go up… some authors will earn more than others, and some authors will earn less than others… just like they do currently. The only difference is that authors can now set their own prices… and use that ability to price their own items as another tool in maximising sales.


Now, that’s really not fair. I may not agree with SpaceStock, and definitely do not share his dedication to Envato, but his arguments are always based on sound logic. Though it may be irritating, I think it’s a much needed point of view in an environment where emotions run high.


Yeah, I don’t really care about the moderator badge and I can’t see any reason why my responses wouldn’t be exactly the same if I was or wasn’t a moderator.


@SpaceStockFootage hahaha…the reality is the pricing of the items, you can spin it the way you want, but there’s no other way to see it. If out of 30 new items only 1 is priced higher than the price before ADP and 24 ARE LOWER, that’s price dumping, and if you take another parameter, like new top sellers (items added in the last month, for example), NONE of the top 3 are EVEN close to the regular price 1- $29 / 2- $19 / 3- $32
Those are facts…


This is an AudioJungle thread here, but I checked Wordpress to verify your claims a few minutes ago and got very different results than yours. The 30 most recent items list is changing fast, sometimes there is more of this, other times more of that. Now, it goes from a single 19$ item to two 69$ ones and many other prices in between.

Check again later and you might find more 59$ items in there and maybe no 19$ item at all… It’s been like this for months now. A diversified range of prices is not a race to the bottom.


it would be great if more expensive tracks had a priority in the search


…or not so great! :wink:

Some people are already abusing the new price system by putting silly prices like 9 000 000$ to get a weird form of visibility or I don’t know what else…


Instant level 20 badge…


We know, that’s why the first thing we said in our first post here was: :slight_smile:

We were just replying to the comment that price dumping had been minimal in other marketplaces…

Regarding the new item stats, we’ve just checked, and using the same parameters (last 30 new items added) as before, here are the results:

$69: 2
$59: 7
$44-49: 9
$34-39: 7
$25-29: 5

So, out of 30 items, only 2 have higher prices than before, and 21 ARE LOWER. We’d say that what we said in our initial post still stands. Furthermore, we checked the top 3 new sellers again (best sellers added in last month) and prices almost are the same: 1- $29 / 2- $19 / 3- $49 The last one changed, but still, the price of this item is lower than the price before ADP.

As we said before, we are not making futurology of what may happen in Audiojungle, because we don’t know, we’re just showing the ADP results of other market :smiley:


Yeah, it’s great to see authors raise the prices, until you visit their portfolios and discover one 5$ item after another. You can always argue with " they’re experimenting", but as long as those authors give away their music for half of a dollar, they’re supporting the race to the bottom.

For me at least it’s great to set my prices up. I don’t want my customers buy my music simply because it’s cheap, but because they are convinced of it and if this means that my earnings will shrink, then I say it’s OK. At least I can keep my head high and say that I didn’t sell myself cheap.


My single point is that there is no “race to the bottom” going on at Themeforest, but there was a change of paradigm, like your stats are showing, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

That said (and I know from sources there) some people are making more profit now from 49$ files than they used to make from the old 59$ standard price, because they sell more items. After all is said and done, money in the bank is a good stat to look at too, no?

Ps: I was right about this: no 19$ item in the list now. :wink:


You’re doing it the right way in my book. I wish more and more authors follow a similar path. :slight_smile:


Yeah, ADP would be great if there was some higher bottom price (not fixed fee, but a range) because, at the end of the day, the majority of people are choosing to lower their prices instead of raising them, and being a global marketplace, some can afford to lower their prices without being an overall blow, which, in our opinion created a bit of an unfair advantage.

At the end of the day, when you have 21/30 themes cheaper that the price before ADP, the expected average price for a WP theme has sunken.

There’s also been abuse regarding “sale” or “limited offer” prices that Envato doesn’t monitor, but that’s a different matter altogether :slight_smile:


I’m still hopeful about ADP for AudioJungle and what I see now (more people rising their prices instead of dumping them) is quite reassuring, but time will tell.

About Wordpress, I’ll leave it there. I didn’t get my information from extensive research, so maybe I missed some important stuff. In any case, good luck! Running most virtual businesses doesn’t get easier with each passing day… :slight_smile:


I cannot change the price of my sound packs, please look into this…


I will set only HIGHER prices (mostly $21- $34, some speccial items I will set higher that $40), except Black Friday or other sales for some track. And I think all guys who produce content with good QULITY will do the same. I think only bad guys will dump :slight_smile:
P.s. Most my friends set up higher prices. Sales are the same, o better. Customers purchase quality items with higher price without problems.


I do not understand - why are you discussing the Themeforest? Look at Audiojungle - there are a lot of elite and well-selling authors put up their work for $ 5. They simply accepted the rules of the game (((


You are a bit confused, @LuckyBlackCat is talking about AudioJungle. :wink:

About the forum fear of authors putting their tracks at 5$ and plaguing the market, there are only 396 full tracks at 5$ now… out of 430 733 items. Quite far from a pandemic. In the meantime, hundreds of authors are raising their prices across the board. :slight_smile:

It might change in the future, but right now, there is no race to the bottom at AudioJungle; quite the contrary, actually. Only a few authors are experimenting with very low prices.


Those low prices IMO are just tests. Setting at $5 to see if they can build up higher sales counts for certain tracks / their portfolio.


Just not everyone realized that you can change prices. Wait a little - and see for yourself. There will be a lot of music for 5 dollars. Maybe I’m a prophet? ))))