Author Driven Pricing And Exclusivity

With the introduction of Author-Driven Pricing I not found information about the importance of the status of Exclusive/Non-Exclusive on the formation of author fees (to the authors of WordPress themes). Now doesn’t matter? What do you know about this? Thank you!

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Think I found the answer. Exclusivity has a value. Just the formula for calculating income is now this:

The item list price is $49, your author fee is 30% (12.5%-37.5% - Excl.), and the fixed buyer fee is $12.

$49 - $12 = $37
(List price) - (Fixed buyer fee) = (earnings without author fee).

Earnings without author fee - % author fee = % Earnings

is that right?

:point_up_2: That’s correct. (but it should be earnings with author fee, not without :wink:)

There is a simpler way to calculate your earnings. You don’t really need to bother yourself about the buyer fee. Simply look at the price you type when you submit your item, if you’re a non-exclusive author you’ll earn 45% of that number. And if you’re exclusive you’ll earn 62.5%-87.5%.

Or you can use this tool: :slight_smile:


Now really clear :slight_smile: Thank You!

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