Author demands SSH access to production server

Hi there. I have a Magento 2 theme that’s not installing properly. The author is demanding that I give either SSH access or teamviewer access.

There’s no way I’m giving full access to a production server and I’ve no idea why they would want teamviewer access to my computer when the site is not hosted locally.

I’ve offered admin access to site and FTP to the home folder and I’m available should any server or database questions need answered.

Surely this is enough? The alternative is to issue a refund - they seem reluctant t do this…

They will need SSH access to fix the problem as FTP/Admin login details are not enough

The installation issues are not covered by the item support - they’re offering something for free and you’re not entitled to request a refund just because you cannot install the theme.

So you would give SSH access to a production server to someone you don’t know?

I’m a service provider at Studio and SSH is required for the installation ( Magento )