Author Dashboard - daily Elements earnings total went down instead of up

When the Daily Earnings dashboard updated this evening, my overall total went down instead of up. I also noticed that the daily earnings from 2 days ago (July 21) went down. Should I submit a ticket or is this a known issue that is being worked on? @BenLeong

Thanks for any help you can give!


Hi Marg! That sounds strange - I haven’t seen any reported issues that would cause a change like that. I’ve asked the team to investigate, and will post here when I know more.

Were you viewing the same earnings data (“before tax” or “after tax”) each time?

My daily earing used to be between $15-$30. But this day my daily earnings extremely decreased ($4.80). I follow the forum and all of authors are not happy with this daily earnings dropping extremely…

Hi @nvmmockup! Daily earnings will always fluctuate, unfortunately - but the issue that Marg has reported in this thread seems to be earnings for one specific day (e.g. Jul 21) showing a dollar value, and then that value changing when the same day’s earnings were viewed later on.

e.g. Jul 21 showing $45 when viewed on Monday, and then Jul 21 showing $39 when viewed again on Wednesday.

That definitely shouldn’t be happening, but it’s possible that “before tax” was viewed one time, and “after tax” on the second viewing.

Our Data Platform team is currently checking in case something else has caused this.

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@BenLeong both amounts are Before Taxes. Yes, you are understanding my issue correctly. I had approximately $203 total yesterday morning. Daily Earnings was $18 and now my total is $195. That’s a drop of $26! I also noticed that Daily Earnings individual amounts went down. Some days as much as $4 less than what it had been listed previously.

Thanks for the help.

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@BenLeong Other T20 photographers are reporting the same phenomenon. Previously, we had noticed that our Items Earning total on the Earnings tab and our Total Earnings on the Item Performance tab didn’t match. The Item Performance total seemed to be a day or two behind. Now, they match. Hopefully, this extra information with help you track down the issue. And hopefully the amounts will go back to the higher earnings. :smiley:

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@BenLeong so I just switched to AFTER TAX and the amounts went UP! (But still aren’t where they should be for yesterday’s earnings added to my previous total.)

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@BenLeong after tonight’s update, the totals seemed to be correct.

Earning loss is due to the Sale Reversal. When a user do sale reversal, he get his money back along with your item for free.

You can check which user have done sale reversal → Goto Dashboard-> Statements → Check here…

We are talking here about Elements not Marketplaces.

That’s right

It was a dashboard error. After the latest earnings posted last evening, everything was back to correct amounts, both daily earnings on the graph and overall earnings. There were no earnings lost.

I don’t understand how there could be a “sale reversal” on Elements since my understanding is it is unlimited downloads for a set subscription price. @Krishna-Apps

Hi @MargJohnsonVA!

This issue was fixed over the weekend - it looks like the After Tax earnings data should have been consistent (and matches the payout amounts due for those days of item earnings), but there was an issue with how some of the Before Tax data was displayed on the author dashboard. Our Data team deployed a fix for this on Friday, so the daily earnings should now be up to date.


Hello, @BenLeong could you please check this issue with the team, the latest daily earnings show nothing as well as the earning graph.


31 july earning is very low like (10% out of 100 ). i haven’t seen this much drop and the graph is getting down every month since march. even after uploading assets. i am not saying this is completely your fault but i think its not a story of single creator. so you should be doing something which can help creatives to keep working on this platform. please do something its a request.


It is low for me also (around 30% of usual).

Generally, I am not happy with the earnings in last month-two but that are reports for July (now will start for August) and that are “vacation months”.

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Same Issue Here


Same to me. 31st july earning dropped suddenly. dont know why this happen


Same here

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