Author Dashboard Comments broken

Has no one noticed the Author Dashboard showing 4 year old comments EVEN ON DISABLED ITEMS ?

Please fix, I don’t even find the tickets I need to reply too…

@ZoomIt Sorry if I misunderstood, but have you tried clicking “Mark all as read”? That should get rid of the old ones and then only new comments will show after that. You can then click “Show all” to view everything again if ever you need to do that. :thumbsup:

It’s a bug, I see it too. I see a comment from 4 months ago, on a product I deleted 2 months ago.

Hi @scottwills

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I did that, a number of times in the past. But today all of a sudden, very old comments appeared. Even on disabled items.

The other days I had problems with comments not being marked as read after I replied on them.

I’ll click the MARK ALL AS READ button when I finished replying comments that are recent. I switched to Item comments as the main and only support platform I use and just wanted to report the issue and was curious why no one else saw it / opened a topic on it.