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How can i search for an author not by category plz ?

Best R

You can enter the author’s name in the search field at the top. If there is a matching author, it will show their items. Alternatively, you can add the author’s username to the end of this URL to go to their profile if they have one:
For example

If that author isn’t participating in Envato Elements, you will get an error.

Hi Herbert,

So, it’s doesn’t work sorry, look plz :

, look

Remplacez “Lolago13” par le username de l’auteur dont vous souhaitez explorer le portfolio.

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But it doesn’t work with every authors
like that :
why ?

Are you sure this author is on Elements?

yes so sure
Big Horses and many more, i don’t understand


You must be mistaken… I couldn’t find any of those authors listed on Elements.

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