Author comment - December 2016 Free file of the month Problem

Hello, I’m the author of free file of December 2016 GR

On November 30 I made an update of the file to make it easier to use for everyone.
but there is a problem:
Envato approved the changes, but upload the old files. (don’t know why)

it was pointed out to me by clients, the file is always the old one…
So, I opened a ticket to solve the problem on December 5

I got an answer today on December 7 that the problem was solved.

But actually no, continue to persist the old file.

I apologize to the customers…
I, rather than putting a free file and and work on it to facilitate the most customers possible, I do not know what to do further…

I do not know what problems have the revision team of Envato…
I hope the problem will be resolved quickly, possibly for real this time -_-

They have not yet figured out what I’m trying to say… (not seem to me to have written in ancient Aramaic)
However I renewed the request to check and fix the problem
This situation is verging on the ridiculous, but unfortunately I can’t do nothing until Envato, at least, not check the problem

to all those who download the file please let go to Settings> Email Settings> Item Update Notification for receive updates from my file