Author blocked me because I gave them a low rating

The author of Fluxnews blocked me from posting in their github support because I gave them a 1 star rating. The reason of that rating is because their product have unbelievable amount of bugs.

Can Envato do something about this ?

Better contact the author and tell them the bugs you found. They are happy to fix that. You can’t simply rate one star without seeking help from the author.


So, you are saying its ok to sell a product that are full of bugs? When I bought something, I’m expecting it to work.

And that the author can just block their customer if they give them a low rating?

Are you sure it is full of bugs and your installation has nothing wrong!!

Yes. Nothing wrong with the installation. Thanks for your very helpful reply.

When did you purchase the item? Was it more than 6 months ago?

I have purchased the item on this April.

Assuming what you are asking about is within support policy and the author’s description, then you could try asking envato Envato Market Help and Support, but it will depend on what the issues are.


Thank you Charlie. I have contacted the help and support.