Authentic Theme - Can't figure out why my IG widget/bar won't populate properly since update

HI! I just updated my theme and for some reason this is the ONE thing that I can’t seem to get back on track. My IG widget or carousel that comes with the Authentic theme layout is now acting up. It’s doesn’t re-populate with new photos and it’s missing a slide, it should take up the whole canvas from left to right like it used to. It looks like it’s missing a box.

I’ve checked and rechecked the social links, api keys, etc and it works everywhere on the site except for here.

My site is and if you scroll to the bottom you will see the IG bar/carousel just above the footer widget section and you’ll see hoe it seems to be missing a slide.

I’ve looked everywhere to fix that and maybe I’m tired but I just can’t seem to find and fix it in my dashboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!