Australians... assemble!

Howdy! Although there are better shops out there… if you’re looking to buy a laptop in the physical world, in pretty much any major city in the UK… you go to PC World. Maybe Dixons or Currys. In the US you go to Best Buy. In Spain or a few other places in Europe, you go to Worten or Media Markt.

Is there a similar kind of place in Oz? Some ultra big mega store of computing goodness? Having trouble finding any kind of definitive answer on the net… just a bunch of online places and smaller, local gaffes.


I am not an Aussie but from living there probably the closet thing (other than an Apple store!) is: Dick Smith, Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi

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There are no massive chains specialising in computers, but Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys are the biggest general technology / home appliance stores, and they all have a large range of computers.

Neither is really better than the other and I’ve had good experiences with all of them. JB is more geared towards music and entertainment, whereas The Good Guys and Harvey Norman cover a much wider range of stuff.

If you’re looking for dedicated computer stores, there are loads of smaller chains around. PLE computers is generally my go-to store, but they’re predominantly based in WA (the boring side of Australia) where I live, so it depends where you’re buying from.

Dick Smith has more or less gone out of business recently, so that’s pretty much out of the question.


JB Hi-Fi is the nearest equivalent to what you’re talking about. Aussie’s are pretty “anti-franchise” compared to the rest of the world… Depending on what you’re after, there might be better places.

A lot of the big guys (dick smith, Harvey Norman) are all but dead.

What are you wanting to buy?

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Cheers guys! Won’t be for a month or two, in the US at the moment and I’ll need to save up! Just getting a head start on the research.

Looking for something small, powerful and cheap. A tricky combination, but something like the new Asus Zenbook 3 would be about right. Although I don’t think there’s a release date yet. Might be out by the time I’m there.

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Heading up Queensland way? Or down to the Envato HQ in Vic?

I’ve always bought dell online here in Aus. Mainly because warranty, they’ve come out to replace a broken part right in my office. Hard to get that through a store bought product.

Every suburb seems to have its own cheap computer shop. UMart, MSY Tech, etc… and honestly they’re all the same price. By the time you drive 30 mins to a cheaper shop you’ve just spent more money on fuel than buying around the corner.

Shopping online is the way to go in Aus. Find the discounts that way. Walking into a big chain will usually just cost more :slight_smile:

See ya!

Torn between Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne will be a bit cheaper when it comes to flights and accommodation so might go there. Will check out Dell, see what they’ve got. Thanks!

Make sure you drop by the office if you’re in Melbourne! :smiley:

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Most certainly will!

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Got my new laptop if anyone’s interested. Not in Australia though, in Vietnam. Main reason in was looking at Australia was that the keyboard would definitely be in English and the staff would also speak English.

I’m trying to learn the basics in each country in go to, but knowing how to say “which way is it to the beach?” is not much use when you’re talking specs, upgradeability, warranties etc etc.

Anyway, it was some kind of import, so the whole thing was in English… keyboard, OS, documentation etc. Nobody in the shop spoke any English though, but we muddled through. Me attempting to explain ‘mouse mat with gel wrist rest’ was particularly funny in hindsight… I looked like Jim Carrey when he does ‘the claw’ in Liar Liar. Made sure i went to the biggest, busiest and oldest shop in town… had heard horror stories of tourists getting ripped off in smaller stores, so none of that thankfully.

So, I got an Asus Zenbook UX303, i5, 8Gb of RAM, 268GB SSD, 13.3" 1080p IPS, GT940M 2GB. Not quite the same as my fancy desktop, and ultra complex projects are out, but should do the job while I’m on the road. Wanted an i7 but the price for the upgrade was just too much for me, and they didn’t have any in stock anyway.