Auditioning multiple tracks on a low-speed connection

Track X: Press play. Had enough.
Track Y: Press play.

Problem: Track X is clearly still loading while l’m trying to listen to Track Y, having moved on from Track X. Not good if auditioning on a slow mobile phone connection, just saying.

Also need to be able to easily jump between different parts of the track, without having to load the entire track up to that point. That is quite painful on a slow connection.

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Probably you should contact support regarding your first problem.

I totally agree with you on versions! Current implementation is a pain. We have a great thread here on the forum with a ready-to-use solution. It may help if you could support it! Envato more likely to listen to customers rather than authors.

Hi, not sure l completely understand what is meant by versions, but as you suggested, l submitted a site suggestion :slight_smile:

Sorry AudioJungle but as it stands, the playback online is not really fit for purpose. See how Soundcloud does it:

  • Click on middle of track. You start playing from that point, no need to load everything up to that point.
  • And the previous song you skimmed over doesn’t continue loading.
  • That’s how l audition tracks :slight_smile: nobody has time to listen from start to finish, which is more or less what AudioJungle’s playback is built for. Bad move. Clunky auditioning = less auditioning = surely less money?
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Oh yes, sorry, you didn’t talk about versions :blush:
But wouldn’t it be cool to simply click on the description tag to listen to the next version rather than trying to find it manually in a preview?

You got good ideas!

I couldn’t observe an inability to play from the middle in a full player. However, I definitely see this problem with a mini player (thumbnail player) and it is really bad, I agree. You have to wait until a track is loaded, which is weird as hell!

I see how this issue is critical for users with slow-mid speed connection. Totally annoying. I currently consider my connection very snappy, but I just was able to make it contemplate by quickly switching through several tracks. So it can be an issue even for a fast connection!

This is awesome that you are openly speaking about things you find inconvenient or annoying on the AJ!
I wish more customers doing that. We would make AJ better than ever in no time! I really hope Envato will consider your suggestions. :blush:

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