[AudioJungle] Your item, , has been rejected

I ask for advice so that the items I upload later are not rejected again, and my items can meet AudioJungle quality standards.

I see see other AudioJungle Author they only upload the sound of people sneezing and coughing, their items were accepted by Envato Quality team reviewer

Hi! No one will be able to tell you what the problems of your items are until you show them here. Attach previews of your rejected audios here if you’d like advice from other authors

Sneezing and coughing are trending these days.
Are you uploading music or sfx? Good advice from @romlam above, post your audio here to get feedback.

@Hyperprod Hyperprod


Firstly, your link does not work without access.
Secondly, it’s better to post your audio here, and not give links

in which section so that I can see my file link in this comment

Upload your track to soundcloud and post the link here.

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Really? Is this the whole audio file or a snapshot of the whole track.
IMHO the sound quality and choice of sounds needs to be higher.

I guess, with his reference to “caughing and sneezing” in his initial post, he is uploading in the SFX category.
Regardless of this @scrmtl . The audio quality of your audio example is very poor. Also I cannot see any purpose, how this Conga snippet could support any product. But that’s maybe caused in my poor creativity. :wink:

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So yeah i’ve been heard your kendang fill (I’m also Indonesian too but I’m gonna speak English so everyone would understand) you should add more highs in eq-ing and and more variations in last 3/4 like 1/8 beat instead 1/4 beat and add some sound like: in Indonesian should be: (ampun bang jago) or (asikk)