AudioJungle watermark removal :)

As far as I remember it is not allowed by Envato to modify the watermark in any way. But now I can’t find this requirement in author’s guide.

A great idea! But only if it is not too noticeable. The article below reads: Do not edit the watermark in any way. :smiley:


We need to check this method.


GREAT IDEA! well done

I know Envato say don’t change the watermark, but if it is not reasonably noticeable (a minute change in pitch or time to throw the hack model off scent) and it protects from copyright theft (and ultimately Envato’s own profits) then I doubt they’d mind too much

FL Studio, yeee, The Daw of my choice, just love it. Great tip


Bravo! :clap: :joy:

This never gets old. :joy:

Best Tutorial ! :+1:t3: :wink: