Audiojungle + Videohive (Idea for the functional)


I would like to propose the idea to implement the functional interaction between the authors audiojungle and videohive

Sometimes authors forget to post links to the work which interact as you have to do everything manually enter or copy the code from the old projects or from a notebook. This is a fairly time-consuming process. But sometimes things can go wrong! I propose a solution that not only make life easier audiojungles and videohivers, but also allow customers with different eyes to look at this interaction.

A. I would like that would audiojungle and videohive page appeared a block

B. What would this “block” can be controlled via the “edit an item”

C. For the information of all the item is processed and an item all the interactions summarized and presented as a separate module on the author’s profile page.

D. And if the author wants, he can show this module on or off it!

How do you like my idea? Maybe we will improve it! And ask envato to implement it? Thanks


Yeah!Great idea=)

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Sounds interesting! Good idea, man!

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Very good idea:)

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Very good idea, @AMZA ! :+1:

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idea - super!

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Yes, it’s really a great idea! By my opinion, for better use of this option, each author can insert just a number of this page (useful for comma separate and for check by Envato team),so put a full link to the product is not necessarily.

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My support

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Nice Idea!

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:+1: Good job!

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It’s really nice idea. I support too!

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Great idea! :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting!

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A good idea!!!

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Good idea!

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Yes, it a nice idea. But some time ago something similar was posted by Tim McMorris (@TimMcMorris) here - Maybe it was one year ago, maybe two, but nothing was done around this idea. (upd: Wayback Machine says that it was November 2013 :slight_smile: )

But I think you did the right thing that you wrote this post, because it’s really good idea. But probably, when many authors will create such post, only then eventually it will bring the results, though. :slight_smile:


Very nice idea!

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Good idea!


Great idea!!

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