Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration

:clapper: Activate your promo videos, presentations and video ads with this emotional piece of music:

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Hi every1!
I will be glad to collaborate with videohive users!
Thanks for attention and good luck!

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Hello and Thanks for this thread, here my items:

i like the motocross country metal rock a lot! i used it in my latest template :

i checked every post in this thread since December till now and it was the only one matching the project, thanks for sharing it

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Great, thanks a lot for using it in your template! Amazing work on those by the way! :grin:

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Check out new Cinematic Emotional Music track ♪♫ :musical_keyboard::musical_score::point_right:

Very nice Music i used it in my latest videohive project :

thanks mate

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Thank you so much!

Hallo guys :slight_smile:
I"m back after 4 years with this:

Something very easy:

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Hello. Modern Trap Hip-Hop sound for you projects ! :slightly_smiling_face: