Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration

Hello Friends!
I want to show you my new EPIC trailer tracks.
Сheck it out)

Hi everybody! Would be happy to collaborate:

Here is the samples of Logo Sound Design:

Hi, people! Let’s do something crazy together )
Here’s my epic pack ) Maybe for someone it will be useful!
Listen and rate each track, because they are very different.

Hello VideoHive artists:)
Here is the link to my profile. I’ll be happy to collaborate with you; feel free to use my music!

Hi @omegamusic i have a question for you. Are we allowed to send inbox message to audiohive authors? Thanks!

This is neither epic nor corporate, but I believe it may be appropriate music for some original video project.

Hi there, here’s our last track. Collab wanted! :wink:
Acoustic Inspiring Emotional

Our last video! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all
Just want present some new trailers for your next awesome VH projects

Hello VideoHive artists:) This is my Cinematic Jazz Piano Noir …
I’ll be happy to collaborate with you; feel free to use my music!

Some piano keys )

Hello to all! I want to introduce to you a great, in my opinion, epic track, which is ideal for a dramatic cinematic video project.

Pay attention that the final part includes a real cello solo. It starts at 2:34 minutes.

I will be glad to cooperate. :slight_smile:

I also want to present another track, which is a good option for a corporate video project.

If you decide to use my music in your projects don’t forget to drop me an e-mail, so I can update my item description with the link to your item as well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for attention.

Hi, VideoHivers) Here are some of my tracks) I really need to work with you. If you like it, you can view more tracks in my portfolio)

I am happy with my website about the best things built with evanto themes.