Audiojungle - understanding the upload process?



Hey folks
I’m new to Audiojungle, would like some advice on the above, I’m finding it difficult to digest the do’s and dont’s and what I should be doing when uploading my track, could anyone please give some advice (in simple terms) it’s all quite overwhelming, it’s a great site, but a little bit frustrating.

Thank you

  1. Make a track
  2. Bounce to WAV 44 kHz and MP3 320 kbps, compress into zip file
  3. Bounce a watermarked MP3
  4. Select Upload (from author menu)
  5. Attach your files
  6. Fill in the fields
  7. Click Upload Button
  8. Repeat


Hi Stockwaves
Thanks for your reply, do I need both Wav & MP3? You say I need a watermarked MP3, is this as well as the above? How do I watermark a track?

Thanks again

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Download this file and mix it into your track:

More answers here:


Thank you, I really appreciate your help :slight_smile: