Audiojungle site not mobile friendly?


I am just setting up an Instragram account, and wanted to link to my audiojungle page, and tested it on my mobile, only to realize that audiojungle is not mobile friendly at all…

Google is slowly ranking down the non mobile friendly sites, and overall, I guess that you have to find another way to promote your audiojungle portfolio, as the site itself is barely usable on a mobile (so tiny!)

It is a pity because the competition (won’t name here it) is fully mobile compatible, so you can very easily browse, listen to and buy stuff…

Does this mean people usually have to make their own website, and link individually to each audiojungle item? I like audiojungle a lot but this discovery really surprised me… hopefully they won’t follow the Soundclick route and never ever update their web interface… :slight_smile:


Not sure what phone you are using but is very mobile friendly for me (pixel 2). Mobile menu works great, tracks list in a nice scrolling list. Not sure what more you’d want as a customer? The profile is maybe not the most mobile friendly page I’ve seen I guess but I definitely wouldn’t say the site is “not mobile friendly at all”.


Well maybe it is just because I am getting old and can’t see the ultra tiny font :slight_smile:
In fact the site displays exactly as if is was shown on a desktop.
So on my S7 phone, 5.1" screen, it works yes, but I have to constantly “pinch to zoom” otherwise I can’t see the titles… and clicking the ultra small “play” button on the thumbnails is just impossible.

I tried the other known site, and here everything is clearly “made for mobile”, large buttons, and specific interface.


You are refering to a “mobile menu”, would you have a screenshot?
I have the feeling you can’t have the same display as mine…


ooh… if heading to, and then searching for songs, yes, it is very mobile friendly!
But I was refering to your own profile or portfolio page, the one you would like to share…
How to get this one to be as mobile friendly as the rest of the site?

When having this nice list of songs, the details page for the song is nice and clear, but click on the name of the composer and you are redirected to the profile page, which is not mobile friendly… which is bad as this is the one I wanted to share…

I could share a query url, something like instead of using my profile page…

but this is making things a bit complicated…