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Sorry about my english. As far as I know Audiojungle is the best place to sell and buy royalty free music. And it moves a lot of money and there is a big company supporting it. So how is possible if you search for “royalty free music” in google Audiojungle appears in the second page? At first place on second page at least. Maybe is only in my country Ecuador, but I think appearing in the second page is not good for all of us, envato and artists. Same position in your countries? I think Envato have to improve their SEO for Audiojungle or if they can, pay for advertisement and appear in first page first place where now is appearing a photo stock web that now sells music too. I think Envato can afford it. What do you think?


I noticed that too

Yup second page for me as well. Something has to be done, it will benefit us all.

We have an SEO team working on these very things :smiley:


Good, because being one of the top stock audio sites, AJ deserves to be on the top of the search results! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just what I was wondering too, glad to see they’re working on that

@KingDog hehe, I remember that same thing being said 3 years ago :slight_smile: It’s wasn’t you though,… just sayin’. It was someone official.

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What concerns me even more is that item pages and profile pages never show up in Google search results,as if they are forbidden from Googles spidering. But that would be nice if a user enters “drum and bass”+“royalty free” to see some links that lead to item pages on audiojungle. It doesn’t happen,It only shows a link to that audiojungle category.


There are direct links to AJ and other marketplaces pointing directly to items. They show up here and there depending on the search term etc.

It really good idea and good direction at all for all of us!!!

Google’s search results are individualised, country-alised, mobile-alised, you name it… which makes it a pain for global SEO analysis. In my case AJ comes second on first page in the organic results. I’m just a bit surprised AJ does not have a paid ad, like some of their competitors? Maybe it was tried but deemed unfruitful.

It was first on the second page for me yesterday. Today it was third on the first page so something has happened since yesterday.

I think it works kind of like this… if you click on the link and stay on the page Google will remember it and it will show up higher next time around. But only for you. Big brother is watching :wink:

You’re probably right :smile:

In Russia it’s on 6th position :stuck_out_tongue:

Here in France It is placed half of the second page. Yes it is always a fight (money) to get the first positions in google results.

Pretty nice result, but not too good for such a big site in my opinion. Maybe SEO team should work harder to get to the top of the first page. Sure I’m not an expert in SEO. It seems to be a pretty difficult task, yet possible.

Did anyone else notice that the first two results in Google (today at least) are individual composer sites that offer Creative Commons licenses… in other words, FREE? Yes, they offer “enhanced” or “premium” licenses for business use at a low cost, but that fact that many people can use their music for free, and it’s advertised as such, probably drives a ton of traffic to those sites. The number one is the same for Google and Yahoo, probably for this reason and the fact that he’s been giving music away for years now. He has a very big following because YouTube users promoted him like crazy some time back. He became very well known in the “no budget/low budget” market and got further promoted by word of mouth. I think those very top spots are going to remain where they are as long as they offer lots of free music.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about this because once people get here, you’re lost in a really weak search engine anyway. That’s why people are using meaningless, key word titles and writing music that intentionally sounds almost exactly the same as the top sellers. I’d be more worried about the AJ search engine than Google and Yahoo.

As for AJ being one of the top RF sites… perhaps if you only consider customers with low budgets and very short deadlines doing corporate videos. But, many RF libraries cater to higher level budgets and projects destined for broadcast by direct marketing. They offer higher quality music and are very well used. You don’t see them in top spots on search engines because of how they market themselves and network within the industry offline. They don’t need high search engine placement. It’s a very different situation in the mid to upper tiers of RF music. So, I wouldn’t say AJ is “the best place” for RF. It’s a good place for this specific level of the RF market that relies heavily on the internet for marketing.