Audiojungle search options - how to access 2016 songs?

Dear AJ community,

How can I possibly access songs created as far as April 2016 if the only option availableto me in sorting is: Sort by: Newest items and next to it option added: in the last year. And the oldest song according to this search is January 2017. Is there any option to find songs from April, June 2016?
Im looking for this song:
Sample 1: made in 2016 but it’s like looking for the needle in the hay.
Please…and thanks!

There’s no way to filter for a specific year. However, I’m already working on finding your track. I might be able to find it in the next day.

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Thanks Allen,

Yeh it is pain in the arse… wish it could be more precise but oh well I guess…
I was searching for this song in Drum n bass/ breakbeat section but Im not even sure if I can classify it there. Song most likely came out March - Jul 2016. If you come across it that would be fantastic.

Thanks Al

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