AudioJungle Sales Monitor


I had better put on the dress again to generate sales for me.


That’s the spirit Graham! But let me blow your mind…

Think about this… what if… you take it off?

PHPPPHHHHHHOOOOWWWWWWWWW (that’s the sound of a blown mind btw) WWWWWWWWW!!

Guaranteed sales good sir!


If I took it off would you still respect me in the morning?


Agree to that - great month - and Graham…please, I mean…don´t


If it get’s money in the bank… yes!


I thought I had to ask because…I just did not want to feel cheap and…dirty.


This is painful. I just need $2 to get me to my level 5 badge, but it’s been quiet all day… :joy:


You should be level 5 now :wink:


Yep, made a couple of sales past midnight Australia time, so will be level 5 when the system updates! :tada::boom::birthday::grin:


Congratulations. Now for that slog to level 6!!! (well it is in my case!! looooooong!!!)


Sold one 10 million license and reached 300 sales :slight_smile: But still sales are really slow, strange.


Best month on this year, very happy :innocent:


The worst month in last five years. I really dont know what is going on but it`s not good. Very sad and worried :frowning:


I agree that it has been the worst month for me in about 4 years. Very concerned and worried about my continued participation on Audio Jungle at the moment.


Absolutely. When I have 1317 items and people with items in the very low 3 figures are reporting great sales something is wrong, especially when my items sell very well (including music) outside here. But then again Envito do not listen to us.


Forgot to say, i have sell only 3 items in this month, huge drop.


5 Days without a sale, can’t remember the last time that happened…


Yeah, things have changed this year.


This is going to be the worst month on record! Absolutely dead!


Unexpected and inexplicable drop, after a more than a decent week.
Just 10(!) licenses for a week, shame. :pensive: