AudioJungle Sales Monitor


Good begining in May but big drop for the secong half I hope it gets better


I heard something happened with Youtube advertising, and so many Youtubers stopped uploading new videos. I really Don’t know, but maybe all this stuff has to do anything with sales drop here on AJ.


Not bad. Already have 15 sales for this week :slight_smile:


No sales for me in June.
Should I be worried?



Bad. 7 sales only for current week. A couple licenses within a minute and then nothing for the rest of the day.


Not that bad for me so far. A little off topic - there is no “recently viewed” items any more on the main page, hmmm…


Not bad at all here too. I’ve already achieved the earnings made in April!


Almost two weeks have stopped selling new tracks. All sales only old. This only I have such luck? :frowning2:


2 days of total silence. What is wrong now?



Nil points - Eurovision is over this year…pretty much like sales this month.


Bad month for me so far, haven’t got a clue why.


Same here…


Opposite, mostly new items are selling. And couple of old items. But many new items have zero sales, which is not unsual for me anyways…


In January and March, new ones sold very well. And it’s unclear why this changes …


It’s a top secret) Envato knows best, they say))


Good way to start the day:

sales reversal from the biggest tier broadcast licence…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Every month just gets worse.


Completely dead


Great month so far! Really consistent with daily sales… allready better then last month’s final amount.