AudioJungle Sales Monitor


You will not believe!!! But I also have zero sales in June! Trouble! :sunglasses:


Wow, you and Marbury-Media have remarkably similar sales graphs for the year. It’s almost as if we’re all subject to the same market trends or something…


Watch my year!

Bye :v:


Oh, I spoke to soon! haha :joy: But actually, considering you’ve only uploaded one new track (in Jan) since February 2016, that’s not bad, UJ-pro!


About trends Agree. Last three month i had the same thing. :slight_smile:


Absolutely right! :smirk:




nice scooby snack!


Sales are really low for me too. Last year May and June were top months for me, now it’s kinda rubbish.


May is keeping my average, a little bit better than than April until now


The strange tradition of April continues. New tracks are not sold. Very little old are sold. It’s sad. Can complain? Or boo-hoo-hoo-hoo…


It’s like a rollecroaster at the moment. Few sales - silence - few sales- silence etc.


The pageviews of items also decreased aroud 80-85%
Any suggestions?


I’m from graphic river and my earnings are dramatically decrease by 50% last 15 day’s.


I have little shock right now.
It doesn’t look like a typical summer slowdown.


Onwards, upwards! LOL. But seriously. A curve doesn’t say much without the numbers. I haven’t had many sales. But they are climbing. So up we go!


the first half of the month is over now…


Halfway through the month and May is set to be just as bad as April :sleeping:


after a great start in may and an excellend April, now it’s time to complain cause i don’t get sales since 10 days! :-/


Terrible sales at the halfway point. Just 3 sales and nowhere near the $50 threshold. In almost 5 years of selling on AJ, I have never missed the monthly threshold. :open_mouth:

Let’s hope the second half of the month improves considerably! :thumbsup: