AudioJungle Sales Monitor


Down to 2-3 licenses per day since May begins. So, hello, “unlucky month” :neutral_face:


Dead all Friday.


No sales all week! Quick! Someone put the sales switch back on! :astonished:

P.S. BOO-HOO-HOO-HOO :disappointed_relieved:


4 sales so far
May started too sloooow


I LOVED that game! :raised_hands:


I still have a CD :slight_smile:


Same :slight_smile:

I feel like dusting off the old PS2 now and giving it a spin. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately my PS2 has gone in better world
But,memories are immortal )))
Still NFS Underground 1 and Burnout Revenge are best arcade games to date.As for my opinion :slight_smile:
I wish my sales in may would be as fast as Nissan Skyline in last race :slight_smile:


:scream: Burnout! My favourite series of all time :nerd_face:


Showing my age I still have my Commodore Amiga 500, Atari ST and first generation Xbox.


Hey guys, I’ll share what I’ve noticed.
I never ask fellow authors to comment on the tracks, they always comment on they own.
Several items in my portfolio were approved at the end of April but the last comment was 27 days ago. Silence for a month.
Which means I’ve become less visible both for the fellow authors and buyers (poor sales in April and only 7 items sold this week).
Maybe AJ is working on the search engine again or just a lot of new authors come?

P.P.S. My answer’s number is 12111, a triple can’t lie.


I had a Commodore 64, I could only dream of an Amiga :laughing:



3 days silence here :confused:


bless me sales guru


I sold some light saber sound effects on May 4! :sunglasses: Has been a little silent since then. I primarily sell sound effects right now but I actually started May off pretty strong for the small portfolio I currently have on AJ.


Abysmal weekend.


What is going on?


so bad , guys (((


Strange situation. Great sales each days till friday and then proper sales drop. Nothing at all. Even no views on the items :frowning: