AudioJungle Sales Monitor



Pretty okay I guess… Maybe give this Boo-Hoo-Hoo thing a try next month.


Love that cheeky little sale on the 17th- every little helps!


:joy: yes

In germany we’re used to say “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist”. (Something like “Small livestock also makes dung” or “A penny saved is a penny earned” :grin:


Well the last working day ruined by not a single sale. What a car crash of a month. Again, I fail to see the levity in losing money.



No sales but i go, go, go)))




This month is actually the best for me. Pretty modest by any means, but still personal best. Let’s hope May will be even better!


I have the opposite .
not the best month for me .


Last day of April, wish everyone good sales on May :smile:


I think a drop in sales can also be simply attributed to a growing number of authors in general. Every day I see a new “OMG 1000 SALES” thread so it’s clearly not bad for everyone.


April is my best month, although I am a new member…


March was my best month till now with April not far behind. I seemed like sales were a bit slower during easter.
May May be good to everyone!


April was pretty decent, thanks to all.
Only one question, why i cannot reach the 2016 earnings at least? With significant (more than 50%) increase of portfolio and quality each of these four months is worse. This is quite offensive and absolutely inconceivable.


Good luck in May everyone! Keep running the marathon!


I seem to be in the minority but I’ve had the same sales for about a year now. 25 or so sales a month with the odd larger licence every now and again.


Finally ended up with a slightly above average 17 sales for the month which also included a top license. I’m happy!

Good Luck for May everyone.

And please! No more BOO-HOO-ing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


17 sales? Are you seriously? 17 sales, there is no point at all to work. 30-40 it’s very small! :astonished:


April was the worst in 2017. Worse than February.

I hope, when I’m a year old on AJ, I’ll forget about BOO-HOO-HOO-HOO :sunglasses:


You forgot to add… in your opinion. On the other hand, along with income from my main job, I am happy to receive this passive income every month. :+1: