AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

What I could detect

Popular items 565 sales (last week)
Newest Music (in the last month)
12,382 new items
9,441 no sales

2941 items total sales 3953

Is the result bad? I do not know


Yes, and we’re still here wondering why Envato isn’t doing anything about the $5 price tag when it’s in direct competition with the Elements subscription. My guess is they are using audiojungle as the landing page for the elements. Apparently, sales of extended licenses and items with an adequate price tag are such a rarity that they bring pennies in the general mass. On the other hand, how can you expect an increase in sales of something that is not promoted in any way, the target audience cannot come from nowhere, right?


3 days without sales… Sales just stopped abruptly. In January, there were 1-2 sales every day. Now they simply do not exist! It is very strange…


It is strange, January was looking grim only to be saved by an extended license and then a 10 million license followed by a flurry of end of month sales including a Halloween track. Strange New Year, low sales and slow activity.


Here are some more statistics:
New tracks added in the last week: 2619
Tracks with sales: 332
Top seller has 6 sales
6 of the 10 best selling tracks priced $5
1 of the 10 best selling tracks priced above $9
Total tracks added in the last week priced $15+ and without sales: 1705
The highest number of sales for track priced $15+: 3


Seeing that numbers gives me the impression, that making new stuff ist total waste of time. What’s the reason, why we’re still here? Is it hope?
I mean, already Dante Alighieri wrote in his Divine Comedy 700 years ago: " Abandon hope all ye who enter here’ :wink:


its called demarketing

btw what 700 years… you quote impressive intellectual things. wow

Wellowell…Tell me, please. How hard it is to get into PremiumBeats?..


We cannot discuss other stock sites here. PM if you’re intersted

Onto the topic: 5 sales last month (including extended license) and already 1 sale this month. I didin’t upload a thing for 5+ month. And portfolio is pretty small. So to me AJ is very live. Preparing new tracks.


I wish you good luck!

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Thanks and to you!

P.S. Just in case, i am not a successful author here at all. I just see that sales are there, even for small members like me. In comparison to some other site life here is flowing like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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Yeah, time to stay positive!

I want to love music all my life! :heart_eyes:


How’re your sales mate?

And how are you doing? What did you have to overcome to enjoy life? :thinking:

I think I’ve answered it already. Nothing fancy but things still keep going

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I am very glad to have live communication. I want creative people to have only the best :paw_prints:

20 days without sales. Interesting. Is it because of the Olympics? “I hate” sports😆


I envy your stats!