AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

I enjoy life, especially when there are few sales. :rofl:


Yup, and until artists around the world start unionising, nothing will change.

The stock music market has been flooded by ‘investors’ who want nothing more than a quick, easy return, then they can sell up and exit. They don’t care about music, they don’t care if you’ve written the best track ever, they don’t even care if you’re the top seller in some random genre.

They don’t care if the supplier of their ‘product’ is destroyed in the process, they just want their cash.

So, as sad as it is, all of us who contribute to subscription sites, or price our tracks at ludicrously cheap and unprofitable levels are only wilfully contributing to the demise of the industry.

The internet has created a global marketplace, unfortunately governments and industries are way, way behind making laws to deal with it.

So unless there is a global union, or a global law passed that makes it illegal to provide a service where the provider of the product is paid virtually nothing, then nothing will change.

The stock music industry is, frankly, stuffed.

AudioJungle as it was is a rotting corpse. Elements is a desperate attempt to get regular subscriptions on the balance sheet to impress investors. Nothing more.

Everyone loses. Apart from the investors of course.


That is true - but at the same time it is only a wet dream. It will never happen.


We have come to the conclusion that supply exceeds demand :notes:


AJ management could have been more selective about song selection and could not allow the low price policy. (For example 3-4 $ per an item)


there is one strange thing about exclusive authorship that confuses me. When I was not yet exclusive to envato and provided music to Chinese sites, the flow of Chinese customers to envato was greater than that of Americans. (Because the Chinese sell music for $ 50-60). Now that I have an exclusive account, there are no Chinese buyers at all! An obvious question arises. Why has Envato introduced an exclusive policy and why does it work like a shot in the foot?


Haven’t been here for a while, I see there are still no changes, that’s disappointing…

Maybe I will upload some new content here from time to time if I am not lazy, anyway I am happy I moved on and left this place.

Stay safe guys,

4 Likes is one of the best options in my opinion. I don’t know about your experience on it but I have always received a fair amount or more on it for my efforts with every track I have put up there. I don’t like MA anyway because of their one submission per artist policy. Its just very disappointing to see if they don’t like your music for the first time, they will never consider your application again.

As far as Audiojungle is concerned. 2 sales in the last 30 days. Haven’t uploaded anything in Jan but will start uploading from Feb. Lets see if that works.


Thank for your sharing, I didn’t apply there yet. But they are the one who just destroy MA with unfair sharing cut, so I don’t know if I will !

But yes, many authors are happy with them and also can have great earning there too !

Good luck here with your next submissions :smiley:

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they refused me.

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Yeah, I have heard about what happened in Jan on MA, that’s very unfair for the composers who are working with them, I hope that they resolve that issue soon. If they have decreased the cut for artists then they should at least cover that up with the frequency of downloads. This industry is very unpredictable and having multiple sources of music income/working with more libraries helps a lot, like you have said multiple times on this thread. Thanks! Good luck to you too!


In fact they won’t , this is the new model so nothing will change :confused:

Yes this is the key ! Looking for many other stream of income so I’m happy to hear you had choose to follow this way and I wish you the best of course,

Good luck on your work and don’t loose faith under these hard time !


yes, you too! All the best!


2 days without sales!!! Bad start to the month for me!

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The question that pops up in my mind is: How do you unionise freelancers who are in direct competiotion to each other?

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The “direct competition to each other” is a result of thinking and working as a little, tiny individual, who is proud of his independence. As long as people think:“My personal rights, my interests, my goals are the most important in the world, above every community-interests. No one has to tell me, what I have to do!” - as long these people are not ready for a union.
Unionizing needs a bit to forget the personal interests in favor of a higher community goal.


Totally agree.

There are a number of things we can already do following this mindset as individuals for the greater collective.
-intelligent professional pricing
-no fake commenting on other profiles, only when really
-not buying our own tracks
-registering music properly
-help each other where possible
-have a positive attitude towards someone else’s success
-? Etc. Etc.

Just some things that came to my mind. Of course there will always be those who keep doing what they’re doing but I like to believe small steps can make a difference.


Well i have no idea what happened, reading in this thread has given me some answers.
But audiojungle has died on me for the last 3-4 months… sales are gone, views are gone, clients are gone.
I wish i had something positive to say but i simply cant… im a bit sad and afraid how things will turn out for AJ in the future, and for us authors.
But i have never seen such a long decline of sales, and so steep… it is as if AJ has been deserted.


This is not only a problem from Audiojungle. As often mentioned: There appeared a huge amount of new libraries on the market, the most of them provide the content via subscription service to their clients.The subscription prices are insane low and the customers can download their whole library for pennys. All these libraries share the same amount of customers worldwide and try to bind them with subscriptions. Taking the place of a customer, I ask myself, why they should pay $29 per song, if they can download thousands of songs for the same price in a month. Even if authors dump their prices here to $5, a customer makes a better deal with a subscription based library.
The second reason is the oversaturation of the market. The progess in technology allows nowadays nearly everyone to create assets in an acceptable quality for the market. That doesn’t mean, it is the highest possible quality, created by experienced musicians and mixed by top audio engineers. This kind of quality is not demanded here (or very seldum). Customers here search for short term products. If I see, which items generating big sales here with an average quality, no wonder that it is hard today, to get things sold. This average quality is the new standard on the market and everyone is able to deliver assets in this quality.We have now too many authors, who desperately try to compose new stuff in the hope, anyone will need it.
Yes, I guess too, that AudioJungle will not longer survive in a mid term perspective. This market strategy is a dead horse.
A lot of musicians try to turn their marketing strategy in the sync market direction. But I guess, if enough musicians try to go that way, the sync market will be oversaturated soon and we will get the same problems there.
We’re too many authors.