AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

Yes! Their strategy is pretty well organized and pretty efficient I would say. The big ones or tops ones, are les impacted (they still are of course, I’m not saying this is easy for them) BUT, their loss is not that huge so they can still be there, in general, top one there are also top one on other site, so finally the loss is sometime not that huge.

Sharing cut for small one is hard and really deep. This is way to make us move from this place, a forced move to make us leave.

Since nobody will move situation will keep to go that way until we will earn 5% by cut. This is an endless circle and website are aware we are too dependent from them. Funny thing is that the ARTL :poop:T CEO had made an interview, saying website can’t survive without having a fair share with their artist… :face_vomiting:

Also Artl :poop:t strategy, by having bought MA is also a way to remove a concurrent and make people go on Artl :poop:t …

Probably because the artistic professions are very precarious, and it is difficult to be independent today… The platforms are aware of this and use it for their benefit. Digital marketing is reaching its climax, it’s just business… bad business


The number of music authors has become too large. With a subscription model, only a small number of top authors are needed to fill the library with quality content and share the pie and keep everyone happy


Because artists are not unionized. We are all tiny little individuals, who are really proud about our „independence“, but if everyone is working only for the own interests, then we have no force and become the most easy target for the industry.

Also right mentioned: We are too many artists and our customer community is shrinking actually. If an artist leave this business, there are 15 new waiting artists, who want to take his place, willing to work for less income.


Also, “working independently”, “being a musician” etc. have become ideas with a romanticised element which attracts a lot of people trying to chip in. The reality is that it is extremely hard work.

You see that in a lot more job categories. We have more “personal coaches”, “lifestyle advisors” etc than ever before. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it’s a fact that more and more people are trying to make it into those realms.

Some time ago I watched an interview with a musician and he said something that nailed it. He explained that when he was growing up, developing his talents he would work for months, years in his bedroom, trying to master certain skills and no one would even know about it. These days people can play a couple of tunes and start their own online channel, uploading and expect immediate success. It’s just not realistic.

So yes a lot of new authors coming in but the reality is not as shiny. It’s even more hard work than before to get some sales and develop a career.


Very true @CWMusic

That’s why I was thinking about getting into a band some years ago. I play e-guitar since 22 years (sheet I’m old…) and even had a major opportunity getting involved in a project with musicians who played with a couple of top tier bands. Sadly I decided not to use that opportunity. Shortly after that came corona…

On the other hand, trough corona and all those lockdownery I can play better than ever before. There is no alternative to optimism. At least that’s what my life coach told me.


Senselessly. I was collected comments, the track was trending. And these tracks didn’t sell out even once. Don’t waste your time. Write more good music.


Taking this opportunity, I want to ask the authors not to leave comments on my tracks. Thank you)


Only 1 sale in January :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I really don’t know what is happening… In worst months, even when I didn’t upload anything, the situation was better…


Super quiet over here…!! :cold_face: :skull:


I have the same thing


Real fun!
Good job AJ management! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thanks for the low sales!


looks like we bottomed out on the AJ…today Jan 24th - 4 sales this month…


I have the same thing :thinking:


SFX sale reversal after two months
… Really?


I think my record was sales reversals 9 months after the sale of some tracks. I strongly suspect they had used them in that time, but who knows…

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Phew, a 10 million license has saved me from a really dreadful month .


Worst sales month​:pensive::woozy_face:


You’re a lucky guy!


January has always been a low month for sales for me, this year roughly the same as the last. Bad, but not worse.


Guys, I wish each of you to achieve what you wanted, what you believed in. Because life is one, and time is running out. But this does not mean that you need to stop living and enjoy life. :kissing_heart: