AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

If your main goal is finding the “easiest possible way,” it’s probably a safe bet that you’re not going to sell a lot of anything.

That’s a nice comment, @promosapien . Turning the table and taking arguments out of context is not very helpful.
Be honest to youself. Why do you still stay here? Because you have great sales? Because you get respected as an author? Because this platform cares for you? No?
I guess you stay here, because there’s no alternative. Otherwise, if you have the right idea, money, recources etc you wouldn’t longer stay here and make your own platform, solution or whatever.

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Decided to switch to non-exclusive. I had not huge but regular sales even during lockdowns last year, but in the last 4-5 months they completely destroyed the site, the results turned into hopeless nonsense.

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They are out there in Europe, USA, even Australia, ASIA, Brazil, etc…You have to seek them out.
Beating down a dying model here is not going to propel your career forward.


I think part of the trouble is, you don’t have to be a professional musician these days to offer up your creations as stock music. Just as YouTube enables anyone able to operate a camera to make homemade entertainment that anyone can watch, modern music creation tools allow anyone with minimal musicianship and production skills to create useful music. (Useful that is, not necessarily good…)
Gone are the days that you needed tens of thousands of dollars worth of recording gear, a musical education, some talent and a background in sound engineering to produce a track. All the tools are geared up for minimal-skill-required production. It’s kind of like what Wix and Squarespace did for the web design professionals. With the arrival of amateurs having a go, came the amateur prices.

We’re all culpable for accepting this new way to licence music as normal, but let’s face it, you convince one guy to leave, the replacement is literally queueing to have a go next. You’ll not stop the flood, sadly. Elements is geared up this way. Who can resist the chance at being part of the exclusive club. Playground tactics.

I think the guts of this issue though, lies with the corporations that exploit the situation. I prefer to focus my energy on them, and since this is Envato’s forum, there might be just the slightest chance that they will at least read these posts. As @add9audio said, chances are they will continue just to stonewall us, but you never know. One day they might realise they are throwing money down the drain, but I won’t hold my breath.

I think that is good advice for all music professionals - that is, people who can write a harmony that is more interesting than a beginning to end I-V-vi-IV progression; who can pen a unique and interesting melody and make intelligent instrumentation choices; who can record their own instrument performances and craft a rhythm section without dragging a pre-made beat into the DAW; have the experience required to make a clear and balanced mix with energy in all the right places; can stay on top of trends, or carve a great niche, and are bold enough to push genre boundaries. When you look at it like that, the skill-set for this job is pretty f’ing comprehensive. Recon we deserve better than the crap service we’ve been getting at AJ lately.

Although, I’d say make the move only because it could be a good business decision for you and your production company, and not for any reasons involving deliberately trying to put people out of a job. I can’t really get behind that way of thinking.


A really good post @criskcracker, nice.

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Again, ask yourselves: am I moving my career forward and increasing my royalties by continuing to upload music assets to audio jungle? Has this strategy worked over the last year? Is audio jungle a market with a bright future in regards to your career goals? or does it look like a neglected, slowly dying nuisance in the eyes of Envato whose only goal is increasing their subscriber base to a pool of media assets they do not own, but control 50% of the profits?

When you land on “Enavto’s home page” is there any marketing push to get customers to go and buy individual sync licenses? (the first thing a customer reads is “GO TO ENVATO ELEMENTS” The aj market is literally getting pushed off to the side, sent to “go away and please die soon” zone)

It’s also a non transparent free for all, where authors do not and will never receive data as to who downloaded their asset, nor will they know the quantity of downloads each month, nor is there any proper controls over broadcast usage.

Subscription yields pennies per downloads. Soon it will pay fractions of pennies per downloads. If I were a profit consultant to Envato, I’d advise that they can and should just announce that they are keeping 90% of all subscriber revenue. Musicians will still stay on board. That’s how dumb musicians collectively are. Market authors have nothing to look forward to here except lower monthly royalties and decelerating returns. Why anyone (other than elements authors I suppose) would continue to feed this beast, a beast that consistently does everything in it’s power to drive the cost of production music lower and lower (and therefore less profitable for an author), is beyond my comprehension? This is not the only stock music platform in the world. Feeding the hand that bites you is not a good strategy.


Unfortunately, it is an endless circle. Now that the subscription offer is here, customers are following. The desire to want to join subscription sites is just to follow customers. It is probably a desperate gesture, but I haven’t seen anyone complain about subscription sites. Some even seem to do better on these platforms than in more standard mode. For what reasons ? Because the customers are there … We can talk about quality, to put something unique, to be the best composer and sound engineer in the world, to want to give body and soul in his music, if there’s no one to buy it, it’s useless. Although I am in favor of a general increase in the quality of stock music, why do I still see the same inspiring cliché music in top trends everywhere? The client will never have the ear of the musician, the sense of detail that we can have as well as our expertise acquired over the years, he does not care how was done, if the loops are used, if the composer to use presets or if he has created his own. Once again, no one here is making music to be musically approved by their peers, but by the customers themselves. As long as the musical purpose serves its communication process. Promoting high quality is a very good idea to follow, but unfortunately is not related to the reality of this market in my opinion and does not really explain why we are all affected by a decline (it’s also important to think about how many time you have to spend on high quality music compare to a “balanced one”. If you have to spend 1 week to bring all the musically interesting stuff inside, but if you finally sell it 2 times at 19$… No way) . I listen to music on Audio jungle from time to time, which doesn’t have a lot of sales, and some of it are way above in terms of production, composition than the corporate cinematic inspiring cliché which is constantly on the front page (we are all trying to follow more or less these trend because even if it’s musically cliché, this something which sell, and we are here to sell, not for being the next Pink Floyd or Hans Zimmer. If you are here for that, you made the wrong carrer path and choices). Until the different sites make a clear decision on how the market should evolve, whether in terms of price / style of music, all average authors will experience these variances month after month in terms of earnings.

Music is also losing its value because it is easier today to make it. It is not a bad thing in itself, to have been able to democratize the use of DAWs, sound engineering etc. But it led us to this. In my eyes it is neither good nor bad. But we must also take it into account in our judgment of the situation to find a suitable decision for the days, months, years to come.

We must find a balance between quality and quantity, find the right prices, but above all, seriously start to think about solutions outside our sites, we are all too dependent on these markets which are terribly unstable and still in the process of being transition. As long as the transition is not complete, the next months / years will continue to become more and more complicated … Internet remain internet, a global market remain a global market, things never last over time. It has a start, an end and sometime a revival, a good one or a bad one, but this is how things works in life.

I’m afraid the final transition is just a completely subscription-based market. But at least we will be fixed, and not in an expectation of a revival of the old days (I didn’t have knew it because I join stock sites right at the beginning of its own decrease). And the customers will all be more or less in the same place and less scattered.

I’m also in favor of author union, also a big act, like stop uploading or a big action which could help us to being heard, but it seems impossible to achieve


For days I follow the thread and the trend to “stop uploading”, but with the huge amount of existing files I think it is completely useless. I sincerely believe that the only effective action would be to directly withdraw all portfolios from the market, en masse. That maybe if it would cause some effect. But I doubt the authors will do such a thing


“Stop uploading” would create a situation where reviewers would lose their salaries. They were the enablers and early supporters of a model that destroyed the value of production music as well as the audio jungle market. They also have greatly benefited from the elements ads on our pages and the monthly bonuses from elements revenue.

“Stop uploading” is also a wake up call to all musicians that they should really think about putting energy into music licensing markets that show more respect to music producers. All this place does is shout out to customers to “Join elements” which none of us participate in, but even if we did, the result would be fractions of pennies per download.

To those who have portfolios here already Is uploading new content here making you more money? The answer is NO, so why do it? Upload to a platform that will make you some money.

People still do license tracks for $40, $50, $60. A profit and meaningful monthly income can still be achieved at those price points. It still works for me.

It is so obvious that Envato could care less about the audio jungle market. The advertising and marketing efforts are 100% geared to elements subscription sales. Upload your music to a company that wants to try and sell your music, or place your music into broadcast TV shows so you can earn “performance royalties”. Do not upload to a company that does everything in their power to divert customers away from you and into their subscription scheme which is a 100% enemy to your future livlihood.

In the meantime, the music you do have on the AJ platform, charge a respectable price so that when the one off customers do stop by to shop for a single track for a single project, you at least get paid a fee that is respectful to your work effort. This is my thinking…yes some sort of Union would be great so working conditions can be respectable and fair for all, but getting everyone on the same page is going to be challenging. There just seems to be too many snakes out there that love to engage in price dumping. I don’t get it…the strategy does not lead to more monthly revenue. I think we all have tried to experiment with “tracks on sale”. It simply does not work. At least for me it never did. That popular files page just makes me want to vomit every time I look at it. We’re now down to 30 to 40 sales at $5, down from 100 to 140 sales at $20 two years ago.

I just can not believe that musicians collectively and foolishly dumped the price of stock music by 90%. It’s mind boggling.


The main problem comes from communication. if you type “royalty free music” or “stock music” on search engines no link appears to envato sites. there are a lot of competition in the market today.


Does anyone notice the very slow sales at the beginning of each month,
Is that normal?


Only at the beginning?


last month wasn’t that bad I guess.
only guess because A lot of discounts I’ve made on the old items.

It’s been a weekend in last days. But i remember my first 1-2 months back in 2015-16 were great, and then i got nothing for more than two weeks, i was almost in panic :slightly_smiling_face: Nobody can say anything for sure these days.


Sales have been bad for several years now…

For me it has always been like that.


Standby for the Halloween splurge on sales, but then again maybe not.

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I uploaded 7 Halloween tracks Just a 1 sale LOL


I’m seeing slow sales at the beggining of each day.