AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

Thanks for that sharing. You totally sum up my vision regarding envato in there. Why I’m still uploading in there ? it’s just to being invited on elements on the long run. I see my number of sales increasing month after month ( yes I force it a bit with price, but I just play the game) but this way I have that little hope. AJ is one of the last site which show an increasing shape regarding number of sales and interaction with customers. So I think I can hope that way.

P5 is following a bit the same way. I have a job now, I’m no more under any money pressure, I just hope for the best for everyone here. For our music, our passion, I’m sure we will find solution even with AI, some adaption time will be required but I remain optimistic in general.

Almost five years of fighting for nothing and just big decrease, and I’m still here, optimistic and motivated, every day !!!


People, all you’re talking about AI and how it is destroying the stock music.
But the other day, I watch my girlfriend creating an ad on instagram reel and choosing from a list of music, for which she does not have to pay or license or even think about these issues, or even does she know anything about music licensing.
In my opinion, not the AI is biggest enemy for us. It still creates poor music. Maybe after a dozen of years it will change music production field, but not now. And the sales are going down right now, so there must be other culprit. The sales have declined, because most people creates ads in social networks. Even in youtube there is a list of songs that you can use. It is my question why people should bother, search and buy licenses in stock libraries? In these libraries music is often poor quality. Why should they waste their time by listening to hundred tracks, if instagrams let’s you choose the music you know, you listen to, of your favourite band - FOR FREE? Just 1 in 100 knows what is music license and why they should buy one. I think we should blame social media, not AI!


AI will music will happen far sooner than 12 years, probably 12 months.

It only took a year for AI photos to go from terrible to very good.

The one gaping hole in the Audiojungle/Elements paradigm is Broadcast licenses.
The lower end of the market is what it is, and single serving licenses for Basic use are understandably getting rarer and rarer.
Some smart marketing geared toward content creators with real budgets might be a good start, together with some proactive steps by PROs to actually collect and distribute everything due to us, regardless if the proper license was purchased or not.
Why PROs are not intimately involved with ContentID providers - or better yet, having their own infrastructure to deal with international broadcast like TuneSat - is a complete mystery to me.


Well, they lied to me. I asked specifically about new Elements authors and they said they would not have any new authors for a long time, if any. I won’t chase the boat and upload all my music in the hopes that I get into Elements. Good luck to everyone playing that game, I don’t appreciate others playing games with my life. On to bigger and better things.


12 days without a single sale and payout is a mirage this month… :unamused::kissing_heart::unamused:

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A had a reversal yesterday.

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Not much time left. Youtube making their own AI generative tool for music. Our principles for partnering with the music industry on AI technology


@Manriquedelara Today there was a reversal.
Two months after the sale.
I think it’s useless to write to the support service.

The worst month of all my time here!


Yes, my reversal is around two month later, a pack.

I can confirm, this is the worst month ever. This can be seen even in the list of the best sellers for the week. 8 days without sales. And downloading new actual music does not help in any way. If this continues, the site will simply stop.


Never, not even in my first week in Envato, I had so few sales. Can’t help but feel these will be the last sales I get in AJ. I wonder if they’ll keep it open to recruit new Elements authors from time to time or if it won’t be worth even the site maintainance and shut it for good.


Yes this is not a good month at all. For many website as well.

But I’m no sad since it’s pretty bad every month since more than 1 year now :slight_smile:

So, 4 months ago I deleted all my repertoire from AJ. Last week I had a ‘weak’ moment, and I thought, let’s give it a chance, again. Maybe things have changed, as maybe AJ learned a lesson and things have improved. I changed my username, also, my catalog has been entirely reworked and it is going pretty well on other RF markets. Things are indeed a bit slower on other sites, as well, but surprisingly AJ is still completely dead. Analitycs don’t work. It seems that the only thing that works on Envato is Elements. Which is still taboo for the mortals. I uploaded just 10 random tracks, but I am really tempted to remove them. Seems that this is indeed a waste of time.


This is a shame. Site end. This is obvious. The only possible solution is to open access to Elements for all authors absolutely.


I bet you are doing good with Elements/

Why are you complaining guys, you did this with your own hands feeding the Elements beast…



It si too late for this, if there are too many authors in Elements the profits will be so small that is not worth it at all for any author…

Do you think the smartest? This does not change my words that the site is dying …