AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

That’s interesting. It’s definitely a feeling like I’ve been “shadow banned” even though I would have no idea why they would do that for me.

But yeah I wouldn’t be surprised. At the end of the day Envato only cares about their bottom line which is profit and not some low sale author like me. I can’t blame them but it’s still frustrating. I miss 2014 Envato.

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Right Sale stopped in themeforest too

My sales has stopped from the beginning of the year. I don’t I upload music consistently, maybe it’s related to that, but that’s the reality for me.

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I am having the same experience.

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Is there some non exclusive author around who literally stop to upload to other competitor site to save more time on their stock music routine ? I used to upload almost everywhere, but this year I just remove LOT of site which were no more able to bring something decent. Am I the only one ? Is it a good call ? OR will it be worst on the long run?

I think most of the smaller sites will close down pretty soon, if they haven’t already. Withdraw your money if you have a balance there is my advice! You won’t get the money if they close…

There USED to be maybe 20 sites worth uploading to (10 years ago), but now I believe there are maybe 5 with any traffic worth mentioning. Maybe 7 if I’m missing some hidden treasure…


You totally sum up my point. Better to save time and move on from those… I will keep to dig my grave around P5 and AJ. MA is no more a place for me, I hate them. ME is too long time process. Chinese website … dead. So yeah…

Yup, there used to be many sites where I got like $100-200 a month from. Many have shut down, or no sales since like 2020…

Like we discussed earlier, I’m transitioning more toward artist branding and trying to use YouTube to my advantage. It’s very hard of course, but the upside is 100 times bigger than just stock ever was. :slight_smile:

I just checked, and I have now earned more from Content ID than from 13 years of AudioJungle.

I hope it continues, as that’s now where my focus lies. :slight_smile:


It’s scary stuff.

Within a few months (and in some cases it’s already happened) we’ll no longer know if an image, video or music is real or fake, they’ll be that convincing.

Not being able to trust anything is going to be bad enough, but there are plenty of people out there (Trump as one example) who will use it to to their advantage, such as claiming that genuine photos that incriminate them in some way are ‘AI’.


The month is almost over, and there are just enough funds on the account to make a withdrawal :slightly_smiling_face:

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First time in 10 years without a payment. A sale reversal of a license purchased two months ago brought the total to less than $50 :disappointed_relieved:


For the first time in 7 years I didn’t have a single sale in the whole week so not a dime this month yet. On the bright side, no sales reversal if your net earnings are 0, I guess. Keeping it postive! :dizzy: :sparkles:

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Yesterday I had my first sale from Africa. Obrigado, Mozambique!


So far, May is somewhere between dismal and abysmal. :grimacing:




Sales have slowed down a lot over the last few years for me. I believe all the subscription licensing models are the main reason.

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The best buyer was America, unfortunately, almost no purchases are made from America anymore, what’s wrong? :frowning:

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…and what do you think that graph will look like when 7-8 billion people have the same brilliant idea? :wink: The barrier to entry is almost non-existent.

That’s exactly what I thought a few months ago. :frowning:

NOPE, still number one in 2023