AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

The thing about AI is it has no concept of the human experience, it can’t because it’s not a human, living in a human body, feeling emotions and human needs. So when it comes to music AI could get the technical side down very nicely. But music is fundamentally human, something humans have done since prehistory. There’s something primal in it. So if AI were to ever create a piece of music that was moving and exciting the way human created music is, it would be by accident. Just a fluke done by making so many thousands of tracks that one ended up good.

I’m hopeful that humans aren’t going to be replaced by AI. But musicians will use it which I guess is fine. It’ll be used like any other resource, but human artistry is required to actually turn it into something good.

Anyway I focus on rock music myself, and there’s no way an AI is going to replicate the swagger, attitude and exuberance of something like Zeppelin.


The biggest question for me is - do AJ authors still create relevant and quality music? Do you think that masterfully created track uploaded here is doomed because of Envato decisions? Or maybe its because authors just stuck with generic tracks and still expecting them to sell good?

Don’t get me wrong, i do respect all genuine authors here. I just think that maybe some of us can’t keep up the pace and deliver something unique and trendy? I’ve been listening to artlist recently and oh man…what a creative flow there!

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In fact it’s already here…

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I believe that even though it may seem like AI-generated music won’t be as good as human-generated music right now, it’s only a matter of time, and I think it will happen very quickly. And for most users of libraries like AudioJungle, who are looking for music for their YouTube or corporate videos, it will be more than enough. I believe that the margin that will be left for human musicians will be for custom-made music. For example, music for a movie or video game that requires many different but coherent tracks. I think that will take a little more time to emulate with AI.

Perhaps it’s time to start not making generic music, which is what sells the most in these libraries, and the type of music that is most accepted. That’s the music that an AI will best be able to emulate, the one based on stereotypes and clichés. It’s time to be more original, to contribute something different.


I think that generic music will be the first to be overtaken by AI and I am surprised that authors still produce this kind of material. There is much talk about niche and unique but this market place rarely produces such outstanding items (maybe they are not promoted as much). Also IMHO authors have contributed to the demise of this market through ADP and the crazy price tag of items.
It is what it is…


In other way, stock music is already dying isn’t it, since 2 years ? So what will be the loose at the end of the day ?

Yes musician have to be more creative and more unique for sure ! And yes there will some field where we can value our music, as a knowledge, expertise, skills. I’m sure about that !

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This month is really bad. Breaks in sales for more than 4 days. At this rate, I won’t be able to get a withdrawal soon. Sadly…

AI is not only going to wipe out the stock music industry for composers, it’s also going to drastically affect the more traditional production music libraries.

Universal have already indicated they’re going to make all of their music AI when it’s a feasible option.

Our industry is on life support, and a digital grim reaper is standing by the bedside whistling a generic music track.


Worth a look.


Very interesting stuff. Change is coming for better or worse! :scream:

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Some guys added AI Liam Gallagher to their music and created AISIS - AISIS - The Lost Tapes / Vol.1 (In Style of Oasis / Liam Gallagher - AI Mixtape/Album) - YouTube

Strange times. Soon we’ll be able to make a song and put a realistic sounding Elvis, John Lennon etc on vocals…

Unbelievable, I’m excited and baffled at the same time. This is a revolution for sure


As now there are fans to listen to vinyl, analog, classics… And then there will be those who prefer human-made music to soulless AI.


May be we should sell our music on vinyl and cassette as well … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I like the “ADP” price of it - €59,90 and €39,90 !


Has anyone else experienced this recently? My sales have completely stopped. I was never making a lot to begin with, but at least 3-5 per month at the minimum, and now nothing. Had my first month of not being able to withdraw funds last month. I am starting to consider taking my music off of this platform.

Hi! There is a feeling that they are generally turned off for a while, and then turned on. I have observed many times the situation that all my subscribers, including me, have sales sharply. As if they give an advantage to the Elements platform, and then switch back to the market.


@VFImusic Maybe you’re right.

That’s interesting. It’s definitely a feeling like I’ve been “shadow banned” even though I would have no idea why they would do that for me.

But yeah I wouldn’t be surprised. At the end of the day Envato only cares about their bottom line which is profit and not some low sale author like me. I can’t blame them but it’s still frustrating. I miss 2014 Envato.

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