AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

Yes, you are right ! Also this is sad to see elite author and top authors faced some drop in their earning for sure. As I said, the global situation is not very motivating for most people (me included) … But you also said that “inspiration is more like state of mind rather than mood”. It’s very true and important to remember when motivation or lack of result are there !

I’ve been active uploading every week here since 2.5 years although I’ve had an account much longer. I do however remember the upcoming times (on other websites) where a single upload could trigger dozens, sometimes hundreds of sales. This was great but I also realise that this situation happened in a time when RF markets were new and upcoming and competition between sites, authors was minimal.
The craft to produce music has evolved from a pretty complex technical endeavor, demanding a lot of computer knowledge plus dedication, to having access to pretty easy and intuitive software. This means that so much more people got into creating music, which increases the urgency to raise the quality and innovation bars constantly and consistently. There’s no way around this.
Also, the whole world has moved to subscription based services. Personally I’m not a fan at all, I still buy single stock photography items for example but it is a reality that a very large group of customers is very well served by this model. It leaves a smaller but more particular group of customers looking for single-use licenses. I believe this (small) group will always be there but they are more distinct buyers.


I’m totally agree with you here, and that’s what I wanted to explain before, in a more clumsy way :sweat_smile:

Today, I can’t say, "Hey, it’s Time to create the best quality item I never compose, it has to sound I’m making music since 15 years, by doing this, I will getting better, and my sales will remain consistent “. This is more " Today, I will create a track for no guarantee it will bring something, at least few buck on subscription services, 3 view on YouTube, 0,02 cent on Distrokid and Identifyy, one sales each 5 years on AJ, that’s fine, But hey it’s just because I’m missing quality ! All my earning had decrease while I was thinking I had improve my quality”. So endless work for an inevitable ending, ending of stock, or ending of real income provide by stock !


I am also not a fan of subscribtion services, BUT sometimes i use drum loops and sound FX from Splice and it worth it. Market changed, BUT most companies still buying here, that’s why i believe we do not need to set lowest prices. They have money to pay. I am also not a huge fan of “unlimited everything” concept. Setting download limits will help to not download everything for almost free and placing it on pirates websites. Global situation also affected sales, let’s see what’s happening next. We all want world living in peace, not war.


Thanx, mates! We have to keep going :heart::heart::heart:


Sorry for you loss. :frowning:

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