AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


For me, they usually does (and I naively thought that it was the norm for most people), but a few authors posted recently that last Autumn was pretty bad for them. So, I’m not sure you can expect a definitive answer about that. In any case, good luck! :slight_smile:


Is there any option to check how many times I refreshed author’s dashboard a day?


Hahaha, personally, I so do want to know.


Was the same for me, but no sales (well, one ,a logo…) for 15 days now :frowning:


Empty Friday. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Way too quiet for a Friday indeed!


Same here. Woke up to only 1 little sale. Too slow.


5 sales every day ))))


Silence since Tuesday…

EDIT: 2 sales today!

01000010 01001111 01001111 01001000 01001111 01001111
01001000 01001111 01001111 :slight_smile:


Absolutely dead.


I remember that you sometimes said on the forum how it would be better if we could choose our own prices, but I don’t see any change on that front at your shop. Maybe you could try some form of increase for some (or all) items to compensate for dead periods? :slight_smile:


Why would increasing prices bring sales in ?


Maybe I wasn’t very clear. I didn’t meant that an increase would bring more sales. I was suggesting that some form of increase could help to compensate for dead periods by making a bit more :moneybag: when you do sell stuff. :slight_smile:


No chance. Marbury Media will never stop posting his trademarked “absolutely dead” any week, season or year. With no relationship to real sales, probably :rofl:


Sales are still very quiet this morning (weekends are sometimes like that), but I have turned into a big fan of ADP! Only 1 sale, but before it, I would have needed 3 to reap a similar cash amount. Still too early to draw definitive conclusions, but I dig this Envato’s move so far! :sunglasses:


I think you will find that I do post when sales are better. Just so happens that when it is “absolutely dead” it’s “absolutely dead”


Again, higher prices would halt sales even more surley ?


I don’t think so. Yesterday started slow (before returning to normal) and today is still slow, but I sold at the same rhythm as pre-ADP for the last 2 days before the weekend kicked in.

  • My first day of ADP: I modified half of my portfolio to some higher prices and sold more pricier items than unchanged ones.

  • My second day of ADP: I modified my entire portfolio to some higher prices while keeping a normal rhythm of sales.

Also, I am pretty confident that sales will return after this slow weekend and maybe earlier. I’ll report later about that. :slight_smile:


Fair enough if it works. Thanks.


Dance for a dizzying sales!! :dollar: