AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I sell one item every day last days… For me it is soooo greeeeat ! I’m so happy :slight_smile: This is realy great month. Hope you will have the same luck ! Good luck for you all !


So far I have lost my luck for 29 hours!


Don’t worry … september will be great :slight_smile: I didn’t sell anything since may to july… So you are still better than me.


That happen to @CleanMagicAudio and his head explodes!! :joy::rofl:

Good news are that you broke that bad luck season. Congrats!


I already violated? ha ha ha. 24 sales for August? Is this already a violation? :sweat_smile: Insignificant violation! :joy:


24 sales in August!? Congrats!
That makes me miss old times here. :joy:

PS; It is time to record a sadness song…


It’s not the time to be sad, the time to work! September is waiting for us! For start earning again!


Off-topic: How many times a day do you hit the sales refresh button lately? With this new ADP thing, my click rate is becoming insane! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had used my hands today to play piano instead of clicking the demonic sales refresh button, I’d have a track or two by now! I think I’ll make a petition to remove the possibility to check our sales every damn second. Block this feature, please! I can’t help myself! :smile:

On topic: what’s this thread about already, I don’t remember? Ah, yes, sales! Well, I have some. :upside_down_face:


Well, I click and click the refresh button, but sales don’t happen any faster. My money bag is still smaller than this one, but ADP seems to have a positive effect. I’ll see after a few more days if it stays that way. :smile:


Thank you, I’ll look into this thing. :slight_smile:


I think I answered, even if you do not click on it. For example, I press (and it scares too much harsh sound)


Yes, I checked, fortunately the virus was deleted (probably a system error). On this topic: no sales 1.5 days!


And i´m still recording the sad song. :wink:


Excellent! Let’s postpone its release closer to January! :sunglasses: Now we need to work! Sad songs are great! :+1:


Dedicated to @CleanMagicAudio. :wink:

PS; Exporting this i get a sale from USA!! :smiley: :rofl:


In September sales will come to us like these big waves :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone and don´t give up!


A sale :grin:


My army of tracks right now:


I have uploaded 8 tracks in July, the tracks almost have 0 sales (it was a bad month to upload new tracks), now the sales come back (in my old tracks), I tried to lower the price of my tracks, I won some visibility and some sales …

What do you think? Does sales return by the end of summer? Do sales return due to price adjustments?


Now I’m curious about something. Most of my sales are from the US. Can I do something to attract buyers from other countries, too? Maybe add descriptions in other languages?