AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Still absolutely dead.


The beginning of August was terrible, as long as 7 days there was no sales
This week was terrific, I did not even expect, with a bonus to the biggest license
I hope that the “holiday” will continue, because in my portfolio 450 tracks already …
Good luck everyone!


Today, sales are absolutely dead unfortunately. :disappointed:


I have only one day with normal sales this month, and a few days are absolutely dead.:thinking:


Completely dead, although new items got approved…


C’mon it’s Monday


Absolutely almost dead.


Yes, It´s Monday, but it is a…

Or it is a…


I’m on audiojungle from may and I had first sale in jul. I was not lucky, but last week was for me great ! I sell 4track - one of them was Music Broadcast License (10 Million). I’m so happy ! I’m so thankful to Envato - it can make my dream come true :slight_smile: This mean for me so much :slight_smile: Hope this week will be great for all of you :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:


@Fox_Production Congratulations mate!


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I really like this community! :slight_smile:


This community is the best! Better say thank you to Envato!


Back to absolutely dead. Diabolical.


I never get out of there this month…


Where from?


absolutely dead… :sweat_smile:


September will take you, I hope! Good luck with sales! Yes, August is not a gift for all of us.


I WISH, because i broke my…

And i need money to buy a new one. :sweat:

PS; I don´t know the name in english, so… what could be better than a picture?! :joy:

PS2; What is the word of that in english? I´m curious now. :smiley:


Especially, act! Write tracks and upload, September is just around the corner! I also have already increased the upoading 2 times (compared with the summer months) It’s time to work for all of us!