AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Yeah, I’m a big time hoarder of plugins and after effect templates.

This is what my folder of unused discounted Envato products looks like:


I think it was just choking from all the transactions you were pulling in - fire hose effect :slight_smile:


Good hunter = patient hunter :smirk::grin:


This week is slow.
But it’s the peak of the summer holiday season. 2 more weeks, and hopefully it would be gone.
When you add the ADP into the equation, it’s slower than usual.

Wake me up when August ends. :slight_smile:


this is your old tracks ?lol)


That’s basically my file system for all my AJ tracks on my computer :joy:. This is the level of organisation we’re talking.

I really should start organising things better…


Looking to be the worst month in a long time. Abysmal.


Almost 24 hours without sales … I did not notice that the weekend had already come. :joy: But the month is stable.


If this pace continues it will be my worst month this year. August was my lowest month in 2017 too, so I can’t really tell if it’s related to the fact that I haven’t been uploading stuff, the ADP or just the summer break. Probably a bit of each.

Let’s see how the second half of the month turns out. Best of luck people!


It will be dead until exactly mid point of the month for some of us. It is written.

Absolutely no downloads for 2 days.


I think it is because of this particular month + adp, a little. I remember i didnt upload anything in january, for example, yet it was very good month for me. And february also (uploaded 1 track or so). Sometimes i think that if a month is weird, it doesnt matter how many uploads you have made. You end up with explosive diarrhea of 0 sale items.


Your last sale was $20 1 day ago.

Slow week is slow.


Sales this month fell 3 times


For me 2 times for now. Hope second part of the month will be beter!



I don´t usually sell on weekend, August is an entire weekend for me. :rofl::sweat_smile:


My fun fact is more funny than yours🙄


Just need one sale to do better than last month… :roll_eyes::joy: (only 2 sales so far!!!)


@FlossieWood I see good results in you for 6 years. Maybe it’s time for you to write a new track? :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I think you could be right!!!